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How is everyone on this lovely Sunny morning:)

I was wondering if any of you do exercise, what type, and how often do you do it.

I am going to walk into town today (haha, the boys will be pleased;)) and buy a skipping rope. I also want a rebounder, but have been advised to get a good (expensive) one as the cheaper ones aren't as safe!! So that will have to wait a while.

I have thought about it and skipping should be managable as I can do it outside on the patio because if the baby is awake he can come out with me in the pushchair...and watch:eek:

I do have an exercise bike but it is upstairs and I wouldn't like to leave him while I go and use it....and once he is i bed I can't use it as it is in his room:rolleyes:

Anyway enough of the ramble, basically I am going to start skipping and was just being nosey really as to what others do:p

Mel x
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I go to 1 or 2 exercise classes a week (term time only) one is more dance based and the other is all out sweat your butt off cardio/fat burning. I walk and cycle when the fancy takes me. I have a wii, the wii fit board and the fitness coach - which I have to say is a good work out. You can do cardio, yoga, core so on and so forth with the help of your virtual personal trainer Maya. It is good but I find it harder to get motivated when its just me at home, the exercise classes with the other ladies is more fun.

Good luck with your skipping.

I've just bought a skipping rope too, one of those that counts cals burned etc, really good. Also recently got an exercise dvd, but need to do that more lol! Go swimming at least twice a week (as well as taking the kids, but don't get much exercise with them as they are little lol!). Up with the horses everyday poo picking the field this time of year and mucking out in the winter. But I don't really class that as exercise as I so used to doing it, been doing that for over 20 years. Although I don't ride at the moment as my horse is retired :(, but walk out with the kids on the pony.

I do have a rowing machine too, which I bought last time. Although I haven't got back into using it again yet. Find it boring and it hurts my knees quite a bit. Would love to get a wii fit, but can't afford one just yet :( Also want to start a dance class with a friend of mine, that'll be fun!
Wow! You all do so much exercise! At the moment mine is limited to once weekly visits to the gym because its all I can fit in with my job.. I've got to have a day off in between the gym and shifts because I tore ligaments in my ankle last year and it hasn't been right since. I work as a waitress so I count that as most of my exercise lol its amazing how much walking you do on a shift

The skipping rope and wii fit sound like a good idea. I just read an article about hula hooping as a good way to get toned up.. and I'm sure theres a game on the wii thats hula hooping lol my sister has it so I might give it a go. Stirky I LOLed at the picking up poo exercise, but I can totally see how that would give you a wee work out! I can imagine with horses you have a lot to get through! lol :)
I want a wii fit too Stirky, but can't afford it either.

Pinkemma - I picked up a hula hoop, then put it back again:( I wish I hadn't now, but dh was moaning on that it would just be more plastic c**p for the boys to chuck round the garden:rolleyes:

Mel x
Mel - lol! Aww well you could always do a virtual hula hoop? I'm considering that because my sister is refusing to let me on her wii fit.. she said I would break it :( what a little ray of sunshine she is indeed!

Its such a gorgeous day! I wish we had an outdoor swimming pool lol
I picked up a hula hoop, then put it back again:( I wish I hadn't now, but dh was moaning on that it would just be more plastic c**p for the boys to chuck round the garden:rolleyes:

Mel x
PMSL!!! That's exactly what my DH would've said, and exactly what my boys would do with it!!!

Lol yeah poo picking is great exercise, and yes there is lots of it!! Bit smelly tho :sign0137:
Its such a gorgeous day! I wish we had an outdoor swimming pool lol
We do have one, well one of those 12ft round ones:D but we haven't got it up:cry: I am kicking myself now, but last year it never got much use as it rained all summer, so was thinking about not bothering this year:rolleyes:


Oh update on the skipping:)
Well it is fun, but I really need to prepare for the sessions as my bra straps were falling down, my trs were falling down, which resulted in knicks falling down too....my hair was in my face and every time I jumped I wet myself (result of 3 big babies:eek::rolleyes:).....Tomorrow I will be ready for it:p.

Mel x
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Mel, pmsl! I have visions of your skipping incident now! Lol you're as bad as me! I always have the trousers/knicks falling down problem! Also had three big babies, not good lol! As much as you exercise that pelvic floor it never goes back to how it was!


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:8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:is all i can say !!!

I also had 3 BIG babies and i know all about the accidents that can happen lol

Maybe we should get an exercise challenge going ? I sure could do with more motivation in that department.
:roofles: Mel your skipping story made me giggle! I used to have the same problem on our trampoline, if I jumped for too long I used to have 'mini' accidents, just a little bit came out but it was still really embarrassing knowing it was there! So I've started doing kegel exercises - I tighten and relax the muscles for 50 times every day and its def made a big difference.. thing is though, I never had the reason of having children!

And WOW on your pool - looks fantastic! I say get it up and its a pool party round at yours ;) :D
I do the Wii Fit for 30-40mins a day and then on a Sunday I try and do an hour and that includes the daily stuff + running + some more yoga/muscle workouts.

Fell out with the Wii yesterday as I was soooo busy with work (work from home) on Friday that I never managed to get on and the Wii gave me a row! stupid lump of plastic!!

Anyhow, I love the hula hooping - couldn't skip tho due to bladder issues I've had all my life!!

I managed to do about 15mins of skipping this morning, I am going to do some more later....

Mel x


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whoooo redmel, congratz on the skipping, i want a skiping rope now :) bet its gret fun !! I think i might break mine up tomorrow. As long as i do about 30 mins im happy.
Hubby has said he'll get me a wii fit when he next gets paid, woo-hoo! Can't wait! I won't be able to make excuses and not use it either as I'm sure hubby will moan if I'm not making use out of it lol! That's if he's not playing on the wii and I actually get a look in, which could happen!!
Stirky - Woo hoo! Thats brilliant :)

Well I'm a waitress so I've been walking and carrying plates/glasses and mugs for 9 hours today.. think thats my exercise all done lol :)


Ready and willing!!
I wish I did more exercise. When I'm slimmer I am quite motivated but when I feel fat I NEVER want to exercise.

I have a wii fit. DB bought it for me about a month ago and I promised to do some every day. He's very supportive and I do feel like I let him down a bit lol!

I am going to do some every night now, he works away during the week so I have no excuse to sit and snuggle on the sofa!

p.s. redmel, where abouts in cheshire are you? I'm here too! :D

Holly - I totally get what you mean, I always feel more motivated about doing exercise when I'm slimmer.. I wonder why that is?! Maybe its cause gym wear is oh so tight! grr!
Hi Holly

I am in Ellesmere Port....Do you know it?? Nr Chester:)

Where are you?

I know what you mean about the exercise thing, I feel so lethargic when i'm overweight:(

Mel x

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