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The bike arrived yesterday, put it together, then thought I would do 20 minutes exersise

I ended up doing 10 minutes, which burnt 51 calories, whoop di do, thought I was literally going to die, my legs got a life of their own and disowned me, my chest decided to almost close down for the day, I thought my heart was going to attack me, again. My sweat glands decided to excrete all the fluids I had provided the body with for the whole day, 4ltrs, and finally my mouth felt like my cat had just it's business in there.

All in all a very satisfying 10 minutes exersise and 4 hours to recover and I am now going to do it all again. 5.30am.

Signing off for what maybe my last ever thread, goodbye.
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Very funny. This time next week it will be 20 or 30 minutes of cycling before you know it.

I love how much further I can push myself with exercise as the weight comes off and I get fitter. Ran for 1 hour non stop on Tuesday which I have not done for a year which felt great (not at the time obviously).

Good on you Mark for taking the step.

aww bless you mark...at least you are trying and with time you will probably inprove and increase your time on the machine and that...i know the feeling of being in pain after a workout i am like that at the gym although would prefer having my own gym at home rather then working out in front of lots of random people....lol...dancing was like that an hour of it and it felt lyk a great workout even though my bod was aching the next day lol...


reaching my goal
10mins exersice can make a differnce it will get better , im going to attempt my gym today just worried that i will get light headed , did you have this mark x


Are We There Yet?

That has to be the funniest post I have read in a long time!

Just listen to your body lol....And where ear plugs for whhen it screams 'No!!!!!' lol
I am on day 4 and managed to do my normal gym routine (1 hour spin and 1 hour body pump) on Day's 1 & 3. I didn't really feel any different but made sure I drank even more water than usual. I am going to do Body Combat tonight and keep going with my normal exercise routine unless my body tells me to stop. This is mainly due to the fact that when I lost 3 stone in 3 mths on LL, I didn't exercise so much a felt quite flabby particularly around my thighs and lost my muscle tone and definition and I don't want this to happen this time as the more muscle you have the more calories you burn going about your normal daily life. We are all clever people and have the intelligence to know when we are pushing ourselves too hard so I say go for the exercise if you feel up to it!


Are We There Yet?
wow! I just have increased my walking for now. I guess I have a lot to lose.....So never was gonna be miss fitness anyway lol

Well done!
You are doing amazing with your loss Isis - I aspire to this!!! Believe me - it has taken me ages to get up to doing this amount of classes!!


Are We There Yet?
You are doing really well!:)

I am very pleased with my loss so far :) I am less in size on this plan, then I have been at a similar size when not on this diet. When eating rubbish I must bloat up like the Michelin tyre man lol
That's probably the lack of carbs on this diet.

Where is Mark anyway?


Hope he didn't fall off.


Are We There Yet?
What? His bike?lol

I hope he is ok too :)

You are right. I do think carbs bloat me up. As, I lost a lot of body size also on Atkins x
Looooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu, I have work to do and should not be on here but thought as I was being haild, I could hear you from Southampton, I would answer. I did nearly fall off.

I only just survived this morning, went for 11 minutes but then stupid stupid me, I did another 15 minutes on the home gym as well. Believe every part of me was saying, stop this you pratt, you are hurting me.
LOL mark that was funny. Reminds me of the first time i went on my exercise bike. Bering in mind i hadnt don any exercise for a long time, i went on mine for 30 mins the first time and when i came off i had jelly legs and fell to the floor lol (like the scene in the bridget jones film lol)

you'll get used to it tho, after a few weeks i was able to do 40 mins a time quite easily x
Hi Mark, sorry to bother you at work!!

Aches are good for you, shows your working hard enough, just remember to stop if you need to.

Hmm maybe I should do some work too (in a bit).

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