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Extra calories with Exercise

I'v just been reading an article and came across this statement

Add Exercise

<LI id=jsArticleStep1 itxtvisited="1">Lipotrim comes with prepackaged meals and snacks that limit your calories for each day. Adding at least 30 minutes of exercise five to six days per week to the Lipotrim program is a good idea. According to an article from The Annals of Internal Medicine, "Exercise training results in modest decreases in total and fat weight, as well as in a small increase in lean body weight." Since the Lipotrim diet restricts your caloric intake, you may want to add a small snack (about 100 calories) to your daily food consumption on days when you exercise.

Does anyone actually do or agree with this? Whats the impact on Ketosis if I had an energy bar or something after exercise? When I do badminton, I play high impact for sometimes over an hour and burn approx 500-600 calories depending on how hard I play ... whats the general consensus on this?
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To be honest I would be terrified to let anything pass my lips other than my shakes and soup. I would be afraid of my life to mess up in any way. I would dearly love to be able to have a snack on the back of my walking but it just wouldnt be worth it if it would knock us out of ketosis.

I havent heard of that before and maybe other people will know its ok but I wouldnt like to take the chance.

Well done on the calorie burn by the way. That should surely help speed up weight loss


Here we go again!
Hi Woody. I play badminton too at league level and I only ever had my shake before playing and drink plenty of water during. I have never added a snack, wouldn't dream of it!! I just look at it this way, all that running around and sweating is just dropping off extra pounds. I don't feel particularly tired or drained by not having a snack. I would try playing and see how you get on. I will never recommend eating anything whilst on LT though.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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