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Extra Easy... advice please

Hi y'all

I've had a dreadful few days :cry:

I've caught a stomache flu somewhere and feel sick sick sick... so despite a few great days at the beginning of the week, the past 2 days I have eaten rubbish galore in the night. Am not eating anything today - i just can't face it.. I'm hoping that a day of fluids will help get whatever is in my system out and I can get back to normal. Sorry if this is too much information :eek:

Now on to my point... I've been missing pasta and rice and do love my meat so I thought I would give the extra easy diet a go. Am I right in thinking that I can eat all of the free foods from the green and orignal diets plus one A and one B healthy extra plus 5-15 syns??

Also, any tips from experienced extra easy dieters would be very gratefully received!

Thank you!!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
That is right Hun...5-15 syns a day and only one HeA and 1 HeB. Combine all free Red and Green Days.
I stuck to it for a week and as well as being my star week, I gained 1lb, so not sure if EE is the right one for me...still cant quite get my head around it! Lol.
Give it a try and see how you get on...it works for some, it doesnt for others, but you wont know until you try!

Good luck!


A moaning old boot!!!!
Yep, you have that spot on. It is brilliant, you get a lot more variety in what you can have when your on Extra Easy. All my weight loss has been due to this WONDERFUL eating plan.
Just remember when you are synning that you take the lower of either green or red and that you try to have as much superfree food as you can with your meals, it really does help.
That is all i can think of but enjoy it.........just try writing things down whilst you get used to it because you can sometimes forget if you have already had one of your HEs etc. x x x x
Thanks both for your replies.. I'm going to try it tomorrow.

BTW Victoria, kudos on the weight loss, that's some achievement!!
Thank you Kazpeza, I hope so too. I am seldom ill so this is unexpected. I doubt I will have lost any weight this week - I weigh myself tuesday mornings.. but I'm not giving up. I love the SW diet... just wish I had done it years ago.