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Extra Easy hmm..

Ok trying to follow the extra easy plan and need a little advise.

For lunch at work i've been packing up some pasta with a tiny bit of pesto in for flavouring (counted as 2 syns).

How important is it that i put super free foods in it too?

If i don't make up a 3rd of the portion with veggies will it still work?

If for dinner one night i have egg and sw chips, will that be ok?

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I cant get my head around extra easy, but my daughter does it and is doing well, our consultant say 1/3 of every meal should be super free if that helps,
I think the Super Free element is just advisory rather than the only way it will work.

I tend to try to add more Super Free things to a meal to get in the habit of doing it. For example you could put some dry fried onion and mushrooms with your pasta lunch :)
The third superfree is advised but not compulsory. However, if you don't do it then your losses might slow down or even stop! Some people do find they lose more slowly doing EE (although everyone is different) but once they up their superfree they lose again.
If you don't do the superfree then you might not be getting your 5 a day! It's quite easy to fit it into your food. As Ossireo suggests, add some mushroom and onion to your pasta salad...or perhaps some red pepper, courgette, or if you don't fancy cooking - chopped up cucumber and tomato. I love that in a pasta salad :)
Your egg and chips is fine...but why not have some grilled tomato and field mushrooms with it. Or salad.

Why are you keen to avoid veg/fruit? Are you just not fond of it?
Extra Easy is brilliant. I have never bothered with original or green as I just don't see the point when I can have both on EE.

Basically what is free on original or green is free on extra easy (but together obviously). You then get 1 HEa and 1 HEb. Also 10-15 syn per day.

As for superfree/super speed foods, you don't HAVE to fill 1/3 of your plate with this. But if you can then all the better.
No i love fruit and veg. In fact i'm a real fruit bat!
I was just wondering really, if i don't have at hand will it matter to my meal?

What if i filled up with fruit after my meal? would that count?

Thanks for the fried onion and mushroom idea by the way.. will try that next week. I do sometimes add cucumber and tomato to cold pasta, it is yummy! I sometimes zing it up with dried chilli flakes.
I think the idea is that it fills you up more (as well as giving you extra vitamins and gubbins like that) so you're less tempted to have more carbs and protein. Fruit and veg are lower calorie density, so I'm guessing that's the reason. If you're having the same size portion as you would have done anyway without the superfree then there's probably no problem with it.

I like a zing of chilli too :)

Have fruit after your meal, yeah that's fine to do!
If it's any help I do EE with some extra HE'S as a maintenance plan.

So I cook loads of spag bol, chillies, curries etc....anything that can be served with rice, pasta couscous, then I use half real meat & half quorn or something similar, tastes much nicer than just quorn, but as the quorn is also superfood, along with the toms, onions & any other veg you add you end up with atleast your 1/3 completely hidden. Also use things like syn free yogurt/quark with or without fruit for dessert..just to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps.

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