extream sore throat help please..

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    Hi hunnies,

    Im hoping someone can help me before i decide if i need to go to the doctors. I have the worst sore throat in the world, it hurts when i swallow anything, when i breath and when i talk and yawn. Is there anything cambridge diet i can take for it as i really need to get rid of it as its really really painfull and bad.

    Hope someone can help

    Nessy xx
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    I have taken a numbing spray you can get from most pharmacies i think soothers and what not are a no go if you can avoid this numbing thing is working ok for me and some nice warm drinks

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    low carb
    That to me sounds like a throat infection. Do you still have your tonsills?

    I would get some soluable asprin or paracetamol and gargle before swallowing. Those sprays are good if you can get them to hit the back of your throat. I never can.

    Take care

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