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Eyespy's diary - green and breastfeeding

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Eyespy, 9 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    Hi, I'm going to use this as a diary so I can keep track of everything and keep the motivation going. With being on green and breastfeeding past 6 months I'm currently trying 2 HEbs and 2 HEas but don't stress too much if I have an extra a (I think that's sensible??)

    Breakfast - bran flakes (HEb), skim milk (HEa), banana

    Lunch - tomato and herb mugshot, carrot, grapes

    Dinner - quorn sausages, tomato cous cous, peas, apple, cherries

    Snacks - bear yoyo (1/2 HEb), mini milk x 2

    Syns - 10
    Last edited: 9 July 2014
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  3. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    Bit of a crazy day yesterday, out all day, no real idea just how bad it was!

    Breakfast - banana

    Lunch - falafel and beetroot cous cous salad (?? Syns)

    Dinner - quorn spag bol, peppers, courage, cherries

    Snacks - frozen yogurt with meringue and strawberries (6 syns???), mini amaretti biscuits x5 (2 syns!!)

    Drinks - diet coke, tea x4 (4 syns sugar), strawberry and cranberry tea, small chai latte (???)

    Syns - 12++
  4. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    Breakfast - porridge (HEb), skim milk (HEa), banana

    Lunch - mugshot, apple

    Dinner - 2x veggie sausages (6 syns), rice, pepper, courgette, leek, melon

    Snacks - 1/2 egg custard tart (5 syns), bear yoyos (HEb)

    Drinks - Tea x4 (4 syns)

    Syns - 15
    Last edited: 11 July 2014
  5. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member


    Beakfast - porridge and banana

    Lunch - pasta, pesto, cheese and peas (3 syns)

    Dinner - lentil, cheese and hazlenut loaf, sweet potato, potato, peppers, peas, tomato, onions

    Snack - bear yoyos, nectarine, banana

    Drinks - tea x3 (3 syns), water (1l)

    Syns - 6
  6. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    I think I'm finally getting into the swing of things enough that I don't see myself quitting any time soon :)

    Breakfast - porridge, banana

    Lunch - Ainsley harriott spice sensation cous cous (1.5 syns), feta (HEa), apple

    drinks - tea x2 (2 syns), water 1l

    syns - 3.5
  7. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Hello, here to subscribe :)

    How are you doing? Are u a vegetarian? My first day today, I'll be on green days as I'm a veggie :D
  8. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    Yes, I'm a veggie :) How's things going?

    Breakfast - porridge (HEb) and banana

    Lunch - toast (HEb), poached eggs, beans

    Snacks - mini milk 1 1/2 syns

    Drinks - tea x3 3 syns

    Syns - 4 1/2
  9. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Good thanks! Joined group last night so counting today as my first official day and yesterday as a practice hehe. Iv just set up a diary called 'Clover's green day dlsw diary' I'd u want to subscribe:) xx
  10. Eyespy

    Eyespy Member

    Been crazy busy with the holidays. It's been pretty difficult to sort out eating properly and avoiding icecream! I've lost 7lb now though so at least I'm not gaining even if things are a little slower

    breakfast - porridge

    lunch - uncle bens rice (2.5), peppers, falafel (1.5)

    snacks - 4 pcs green and blacks milk choc 4 syns

    drinks - tea x2, diet coke

    syns - 10

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