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Falling off the wagon...in a big way!


Bring it on!
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Well folks i have had a bad few days. After weigh in on Wednesday i wanted chips so i had some...chip shop ones with a large sausage as well. No tea (well a mullerlight) then Thuirsday and Friday i was at Uni and they gave us sandwiches and crisps for lunch which would have been ok had i not had a milky way on the way there and a kit kat chunky on the way home (Thursday) and peanuts, a jaffa cake muffin, a kit kat chunky caramel and something else i can't even remember (Friday) i decided to turn over a new leaf for Saturday and promptly brought another kit kat chanky caramel and peanuts! Didn't have lunch and then had curry and rice with nan bread and onion bhajis (takeaway) for dinner. I am back on it today, i've had a mullerlight mandarin, a skinny cow choc ice cream (5 syns) a garlic and herb pasta n sauce and some ham, and a rhubabr mullerlight. tea is steak, potates, carrots, kale, sweetcorn and tomato sauce (3 syns worth) and some kind of pudding (around 2-4 syns). Thing is i still feel like eating! What can i do?:cry:
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lol i know the feeling, however ive nt gone as mad as you!!!( although i cant stop thinking about kit kat chunkys ever since i had one yummy) ive gone over my syns for a few days now because all i want is sweet things!! after today im really guna av to give myself a kick up the backside!! im sending one to you also heheheh- lets hope we can get back on the wagon promptly and get a few lbs off b4 xmas( just think of how u want to look by then
laura xx


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Eat more free food today but DON'T HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE !
I have the same trouble with chocolate, I have one then I want loads more.
Think of getting through one day without eating choc or anything else that takes you off plan. Eat anything free, make a big plate of SW chips if you like.
Just concentrate on one day. Good luck.
Eternity - you just stole my post!!! Was just going to type the same thing!! :p

I sit and write a HUGE list of everything that I can eat :D

If that doesn't help, I think about what WI will be like if I eat even more!!!! :eek:


Think about how you feel now.....More chocolate and rubbish food might taste nice, but think about how you will feel after. :)cry::cry::sigh::cry:)

If you are still desperate for chocolate, how about an options chocolate drink? (2 syns)


Offwards and Downwards......
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think about why you feel like eating more, perhaps tell yourself you have had your pig out and its now out of your system... start a new day, new frame of mind... and think of the end result, you wont get there... if you fall of the wagon..too often


Bring it on!
S: 103.19kg C: 100.47kg G: 92.53kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2.7kg(2.64%)
Chocolate is definately my downfall...once i have it it's like i have to have more! I won't succumb today because i really want to lose this week so i can get my next award which is only 4lbs away and i could get that in 2-3 weeks if i work hard. PMA is what i need. Thanks ladies


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Just wanted to say a big thanks - this post has really given me a kick too. I've been dithering around for the last few weeks and stayed the same weight - I'm a couple stone from target, so should be going down!

I was just about to have some chocolate and was already planning the pudding I'd be eating tonight. Well, your words have really hit home, especially Raquel (thank you!) "think of the end result, you wont get there... if you fall of the wagon..too often"

*puts chocolates down!* ;)
S: 0st13.1lb C: 0st13.1lb G: 0st10.7lb BMI: 2.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well, done couteaux, im glad i was of help, :)
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Ah dear.. Sounds like me last week.. i ended up with a 2.5 lb gain, expected 4 lbs if im honest.. and even now im struggling to keep on top of it, even though i desperatly want to loose those extra lbs!

((hugs)) Im gunna be honest with you and say, eat what you want. Try and be good when you can, and let that gain thats proberly heading your way shock you into being good next week. Thats what always does me.



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choc fix for those with cravings lol

made this for sw party everybody said it hit the choc spot

all bran choc cake
100g all bran
6 tablespoons drinking choc
2 eggs
boiling water
1/2 cup sweetner

put all bran into a bowl and pour on boiling water enough just to cover and stir, add sweetner drinking choc ,and eggs mix well put into a 6inch plastic tray or bowl and microwave for 6 mins tun out and leave to cool, as a bit of a twist micro for slightly less say 5 mins cut in half add some nuttela and eat it hot its more like a pudding
cuts into 6 at 3 1/2 syns per slice not sure with nuttela depends how much you use

hope this helps x

Mrs V

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Chocolate is evil!! It makes you fat and gives you fillings for your trouble! Lol.

Stay away from it Hun!

Like everyone else, I get chocolate cravings, but once I have some, it somehow triggers something and I find it hard to stop - sort of 'well I've blown it now, so...'

It's NOT the same, but I try to have 'chocolate substitutes' in the house, my current favourite being Snack-a-Jacks Chocolate Chip rice and corn cakes. They smell divine when you open the pack, take much longer to eat than any actual chocolate, and at 3 syns each are not going to do TOO much damage - although I did eat 4 last night...!!!

I know SW recommend that you don't cut ANYTHING out of your diet - you could probably do that for a few weeks or even a few months, but, sooner or later, the craving WILL catch up with you, and that's what syns are for...

However, I think that chocolate is the exception! If I have a bit, I really really want more and more, and can eat it so fast that it hardly 'touches the sides'!!! And we all know the phrase "a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips".

So, for me, for now, it's a chocolate substitute every time! Anyone got any suggestions of what they find helps (low syn of course) when the chocolate craving strikes?


Bring it on!
S: 103.19kg C: 100.47kg G: 92.53kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2.7kg(2.64%)
I've gone mad on my night shift (it's 1.25am!) I ned the scales shocker i think! At least i've no more money so i can visist the snack machine anymore!

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