Falling Off the Wagon

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    I am still SoleSourcing and have thankfully not yet fallen once in the past 15 weeks.

    However, the mister reached his goal and is working up the steps and right away we noticed a few things. The second food was introduced (AAM, 810, 1000) he has become far more hungry, which is natural and expected as he exited ketosis. Right afterwards he reintroduced solid carbohydrates. And it's when he not only gets hungry but nearly incontrollable cravings for all things starchy and sugary.:eek:

    Yesterday he confessed to entering a store with the intention to buy candy. He has resisted and after reading packs and so on, has walked out without having cheated but it offered us the occasion to discuss it (well after I went down from the high horse of how disappointed in him I, his anti-food-addiction-ad-hod-sponsor am)

    We realized (well I did, he agreed, shamed and worried) that there is a difference between the potential cheating inductive situations. E.g.:

    Situation A: Dieting, 100%, struggling and then one Saturday evening, peer pressure at a party makes you take "just one sip, it won't kill you" from the beer/wine/cake in front of you and then another one and another one because you couldn't stop yourself.

    Situation B: Dieting, 100%, struggling and then you dream of how you will go downstairs to the local cafe and buy a glass of beer/wine or a bag of candy/your favorite cake. You think of the action, you imagine it, the going, the money paid, the taste of that cheat and then you walk there, pick it up, eat/drink it.

    Both possible, both supposingly "just a cheat so forget it and carry on", right? Well we disagree. I think there is a difference between an accident-cheat (Situation A) and a premeditated cheat (Situation B). Of course one should get back on the horse after both but on the Premediated Cheat there was more than just overwhelming lust, there was a subconscient need to sabotage your previous efforts, a secret masochistic wish to punish yourself for something and it's important to figure out what that something was and why you'd want yourself down and kicked to prevent doing it again.

    So not to preach but maybe this helps someone.... if you fall of the wagon, by all means put it behind you and carry on but maybe you can spend a second and wonder if it was A or B and why was it that it was B for, know what I mean?
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    Totally agree. You can't learn from it until you understand it.

    For me it was saying ...interesting...wonder why I did that...figure it out and see if I can work out a way to avoid it the next time...then move on and forgive myself :)

    Good post.
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    Im liking this post, makes me think
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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    careful now....careful :eek:
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    I also think B could be a subconscious need to sabotage efforts because a person is scared of being successful... maybe they are used to being a quiet not-noticed overweight person, so are scared that being slim will put them into the limelight, or afraid some other aspect of their life will change with their weight
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