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FAO: Vixxster

Not wanting to get mushy ;) but this is a message to say thanks!

Firstly because you're always v.supportive & show a genuine interest & secondly because if you hadn't suggest the veggie red plan (LisaC-plan still sounds good) :p I wouldnt be back into it.

On the first week of it I lost 1lb, gained a measly 1/2lb after my holiday which was fab considering all the feta, feta & more feta I'd eaten & then last night I lost that 1/2lb so I'm back to my Club 10.

Albeit small losses, I was totally stuck in a rut & if you hadn't suggested that plan I may have given in. I know most vegetarians probably do the same but it actually hadn't occurred to me until you said. Now I feel more focused than Ive ever been plus Im enjoying have different food!!

So in a nutshell......:thankyou:
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Nojo on the YoYo
Aw Lisa, you make me really really want to cry you really do!! I am so glad you managed losses with your LisaC plan (yeah I agree it sounds loads better :p ) and even managed to stay on track whilst on holiday despite the feta!!

Don't ever give in. I read a really inspirational post by Fern the other day, who got to her target. She said she lost 64lbs (I think, or thereabouts) and it took her EXACTLY 64 weeks (or whatever her exact number was) - and it makes you think - slow and steady might be the way. People get so disappointed over small losses but believe me, 1/2 off is so so so much more preferable to 1/2lb on. And slowly but surely you will start to see the difference and feel so much better.

I'm glad you're going to be sticking to it, because you're lovely and you deserve every success! And i'll always cheer you on all the way!

Thank you for your sweet message hun, much much appreciated xxxx
You know when you start out people say try to visualise yourself at target or a slimmer you, Ive never been able to but now I feel refreshed & dead focused & can actually 'see' the slimmer me :)

Slowly but surely is definately the way to go, I can't expect huge losses as I know my body is too stubborn for that! At least I'll be able to keep it off this way.

Im loving having more syns a day too, you can never have too much chocolate (unless its over 15 syns!) ;)

Loving your daily blog too, read it as often as I can xxx


Nojo on the YoYo
extra chocolate + weight loss = Awesomeness! :D Hun, you've just given me such a great extra boost, how can I keep falling off the wagon now? I just can't. I'm back on with a vengeance. What's three weeks of slippage in the grand scheme of things?

My OH has just text me saying that when he gets home we're going to do a pinkie swear to have no more bad food til Christmas. He has a gorgeous Savoy Tailor's Guild suit that he needs to get back into for then, and I have a size 14 dress to buy and fit into! :D
In the long run I dont think a few bad days can do too much harm as long as we recognise it & get straight back on the wagon.

Sounds like you've both got great motivation for the next couple of months then!! Go Go Go!!! :)

Im off on a girls weekend in Feb so I need to get my botty in gear & start working out. Still can't believe you can lose weight on SW even without exercising. Thats fab to me!! xx


Nojo on the YoYo
I know, but exercise is one place i'm severely lacking and feel like I should really step up to the mark with. I need an exercise buddy, but haven't got one :(
Unless Im in a gym or jogging I get too embarrassed exercising with people, rubbish I know! Ive got to get myself back into Davina, results results results!!! :)

What kinda thing do u like doing? (I say 'like' lightly)


Nojo on the YoYo
I have Davina and I do love it but CBA to get into it at the moment, even though i'm out of work and should have lots of time to get into it. Maybe i'll put it on my super charged reinvested mega weight loss plan list for the rest of this week.

I also like swimming and aqua aerobics but it;s getting too cold to do that now.


Slow but sure....
I agree with Lisa,

Vix - your are always there with help and encouragement for us all, and from a youngster to an oldie like me I appreciate all your help and your advice, you are an inspiration to me as I have a huge amount of weight to lose as you did when you started out, I love your food pictures and recipes too, thank you so much. X


Nojo on the YoYo
Aw Donnie, and you are always so sweet and comforting and good at giving out advice and words of wisdom too. I love this site, I am so glad I discovered it! :D x
Snap with Davina etc. Its getting to the time of tear we just want to curl on the sofa with a cuppa hot-choccy!

And Donnie, you're another who's lovely & very supportive on here :thankyou: x
Yep, I concur. Love your posts Vixxster, they always are either supportive or amusing and I do love the way you write, I'm a big fan of the english language and you have such a way with words!!

In fact, all you guys on here rock. *hugs* to you all.


Nojo on the YoYo
There's a lot of love in this room today ladies! *tear* ;)

Hugs to all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo


Nojo on the YoYo
All welcome at the love-in. Ferny Fern, you and your turkey-mince hating tinyness are indeed fab too! :D xxx

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