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Fat brain

Have lost 21lbs in 6 wks, and my measurements show a few inches off a few rolls, but I don't feel it....

I don't think my clothes feel that loose (kind husband, who wasn't meaning to be mean, said that's how much I was squeezing myself in!!). Only one dress I think is looser, but in all honestly it could be the gathered elastic waist which has 'gone' a bit.

Have 2 big black bags from the spare room with 'wee' clothes in them. The bags have now made their way into our bedroom, but not opened.

Not sure whether to open and try a smaller size yet, if it fits yay, if it doesn't it'll be a huffing party!

Do you want to make a vote?

63lb to lose. WI 1-4: -19. WI5, -2. 42lbs to go
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Generally when I have lost a stone I tend to go down a dress size but I know this differs from person to person. It maybe worth trying some on, you may be surprised at just how much weight you have lost. Don't get too downhearted if they don't fit. You have lost 21lbs and that is amazing. Get something of a similar weight to 21lbs and carry it around for 5 minutes. You'll soon want to put it down and be glad that you are no longer carrying it around with you permanently. :)
Lol did that last wk when I only lost 1.5lbs, and yes it is quite heavy lol

Keep thinking it's only water I've lost, which is a load of nonsense I know, has to be at least about 18lb of fat, which is loads when you see it typed out.

I'll open the bag tomoro and pick out the bigger 16's to see how they are. Mmmmm, maybe! Would be nice, I think there's a pair of jeans in there I'd love to get on me again!

63lb to lose. WI 1-4: -19. WI5, -2. 42lbs to go
I'll open the bag tomoro and pick out the bigger 16's to see how they are. Mmmmm, maybe! Would be nice, I think there's a pair of jeans in there I'd love to get on me again!
Fingers crossed they fit. But if they don't you won't be far off looking at your losses so far. Well done on doing so well :)
Bubble pop!!!!

So the clothes in the bag aren't 16's, they are the 18's that didn't fit me anymore!!!

Upside, I've got a pair of jeans on outa the bag that didn't fit me when I put them in, oh and a hoodie! God I love this hoody, completely forgot I had it. It's like shopping at black bag land!

63lb to lose. WI 1-4: -19. WI5, -2. 42lbs to go
Yay go you love it when you fit back into your fave stuff xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx


Just really annoying when you remember something you loved that might fit soon then remember sending it to charity shop in a fit of " i give up . This is me forever " fatness ..... Grrrrr !

Gorgeous black mini skating type skirt boo hoo
Hi fizzy fluff, Im going to do what you are doing when I get to the stone (get me...WHEN I get to the stone...only bloomin half way there!!).
Going to wait for that loss to try on, but am going to sort into sizes in this next week, 20's, 18's, 16's, 14's, 12's....oh yes Ive got more sizes than M & S!!
Love some of those clothes, have only binned really out of fashion ones as Ive gone along, some of them be 6-8 years + old I reckon!
Anyway, well done on 21lbs...marvellous loss or what in 6 weeks only...am in awe!


This is my year
I think I will start sorting through my wardrobe too!

I have clothes from size 10 to 24:cry:

This is the last time I am going to diet, ever:D:D

The big clothes are going out as soon as I get into smaller ones.

I think I will need a lorry to get to the charity shop:eek:
Hi ladies. I have two wardrobes in the spare room full of varying clothes sizes. My OH thinks I've totally lost the plot but has given up saying 'oh more shopping'. They're all designer type clothes which I've always been too fat to wear. I keep sorting through them in my moments of weakness. I just got a size 10 black Hobbs dress for work (about 150GBP worth) for 6.50GBP from the charity shop. It's hanging on the back of my office door to make sure I stay focused.
Hi Penny glad to see you back! Hope you feeling better and raring to go!
Im just dying to get into a different pair of black trousers!! They must think at work that I only have one pair...little do they know Ive got every size, shape and colour!

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