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Total Solution Fat Bride Slim

Really excited about starting Exante, Been reading through the forums and everyone seems to have amazing results!!! Waiting for my delivery right at this moment, but won't be starting the diet till Monday!!!!! I know it will be hard the 1st week, but as long as I can get through that and see the results I should be ok. ?
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Good luck!

I'm in my 3rd week (Just now) and am slimming for my wedding :)

Just keep thinking about why you're doing it and you should be fine

berniegray242 said:
Good luck!

I'm in my 3rd week (Just now) and am slimming for my wedding :)

Just keep thinking about why you're doing it and you should be fine

I know!!! When is ur big day? How much have u lost so far?


Amusing Title.
i will be hoping to get to my wedding weight again haha on the way down, welcome!

my pack arrived today, i start tomorrow :)
The big day is 3rd September - 10 weeks today!

Have lost 1st 9.5lbs so far - 10.5 of them on exante... Need to lose more though, I've got to lose 3cm off my waist or I won't fit in my dress!!!
Right my statistics are in, much to my disgust!!! Lol have weighed myself on boots scale to get a more accurate reading:

Weight: 16.12 : ( (4lbs higher than I last weighed in)
BMI: 41!!!!! (clinically obese!)
Body fat: 44.1%
Body fat mass: 47.3kg

So basically I'm half fat!!! How horrible!!!

Waist 45"
Chest 46"
Hips 49"
Dress size: 18-20 ( or at least thats what I think)

So now I have it in writing I'm all ready for Monday morning, and ready to blast away the fat!
And I have cleared out all my cupboards of any tempting snacks etc, the only things left are the OHs food for the week, and a few packet bits an pieces which haven't been opened, NOT ALLOWING ANY TEMPTATION!
Gone a little bit over the top today in having my last lot of food for the weekend before diet kicks in Monday. Bacon sarnie, mcdonalds and a big packet of bacon fries, pizza for tea as well ( and I wonder why I'm overweight! Lol) will slow down a bit to mo, eat the rest of the fruit and yoghurt left in the fridge ready for Monday, feel like a big bloater today tho! : ( ( not suprised tho)
Feel sick now. : ( need to remember this feeling of over eating when I'm going through the week, and why I want to lose this weight.


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i TOTALLY agree.. im starting tomorrow...!
Well last day of gorging food an making a pig of myself, as tomorrow is the start of the new me, and I'm quite looking forward to it as I've eaten that much food lately I actually feel I need the break (ask me again in a few days! Lol) so I'm off out for a 3 course meal this evening with the OH as been together 9 days today!! Scary!!! This time next year I will be his wife, and I want to be a hot one at that!!!
So here's to 16st 12 lbs, because I will NEVER see u again!
Hi Shellie
You're doing the same as I did - lots of yummy pre-diet treats! The plus side is that you'll lose loads of lbs in the first few days as you lose the binge-bloat! ;)
Good luck with the plan, how long til your wedding? The one time so far that I've managed to get to (and stay at) goal is preparing for my wedding - nothing like a big white dress and spending £££ on photos to keep you motivated!
Enjoy your meal tonight!
June 2012 so got a year to go, buy need to start now as want to go looking at wedding dresses in October, haven't had the courage to try any on yet!!! Definitely lots of treats tonight!
Good luck with the start tomorrow chick..xx
Well got up this morning and had a banana shake which wasn't too bad, may add a sweetener to it next time tho, and a bar for lunch. Just starting to get a bit headachy but not sure whether that's the weather as it's really muggy. Will be having mushroom soup for tea bout five, so not too bad so far. Have drank about 1.5 litres of water and a couple of Mint teas. do feel tired tho, Is that normal?
hey shellie
Good start! I'm pretty tired too but I think its partly getting used to the diet and partly the weather, urgh sooo muggy! Looking forward to the thunderstorm later to cool things down
Glad to hear the veg soup is OK, having that tonight and then I will have sampled all the delights from exante!

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