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Faulty George Forman's?


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Hi all,
My dad - George, bought me a George! for xmas. Along with my slow cooker, blender, and microwave steamer, I couldn't be without it!
However I am now on my third. My first two lasted about 8 wks each - they are the ones where you can take the plates out to clean them and both have just stopped working - by that I mean the light suddenly doesn't come on and the machine doesn't heat up.
Robert Dyas have been brill and how now given me a bigger model (five serving one) but with fixed plates. Did my steak on it tonight and it was fab!!! I was just wondering - has this happened to anyone else? Apparently my brother had one with removable plates and this happened to his also!! x
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Hi there,

I've got the one with the removable plates and haven't had any bother. However, mines is a couple of years old now so maybe they've changed the model.


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Hi Cruiksl, thanks for your reply, I think I'm just unlucky with gadgets. I had a tefal quick cup and it was a month before I was getting cold tea!!! Had a quick look on amazon and there was only a couple of other reviewers whose machines had just 'died' so think in general they are fine. Fingers crossed for George Mark 3! x


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My George is about 6 years old and I have had no problems with it, or I should say them, I have the large one and the small one. They are both fixed plates though, I love my chicken also cooked on the George.


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How long does it take to cook a chicken breast or a piece of steak on the George? Does it dry the meat out or is it still juicy?



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Hi moonlight-
it takes about 4 mins for apiece of steak - depending how rare you like it, I overdid mine last night but it was still lovely; it cooks in its own juices so it's yumm but no need for added fat and the residue fat just drains away!!! I would def recommend one - also as the grill is my oven is not great and just a faff!!
As for chiken probably a little longer - I must try it. I must admit I tend to bung chicken in the slow cooker, it is yummy and moist that way (as long as you cook it with some sort of moisture - water/stock/pesto/yoghurt etc! ) x


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OOooh chicken in the slow cooker - now there is one i have to try! my mum has one and when i was eating i used to love the caseroles she made with it but im not too keen on red meat - bring on refeed and chicken!!!

haha and i used to cook my chicken in the forman, cut it up small and pour over some sweet mango chilli sauce - great for a snack! :) (although the sauce was bad for ya lol)


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Yeah Tanya... I'd never cooked whole breasts of chicken in the slow cooker before refeed! its a revelation!!!!!! Just like steaming it. Put the chicken in with a little water and whatever seasoning and herbs you want on low before you go out for the day and when you come back, a lovely moist breast...(ohh err lol) cooked to perfectionxx

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