Favorite CD Sachets Please!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Terry, 10 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. Terry

    Terry Member

    Cambridge Diet
    AS a newbie to CD, I'd love to hear from any and all of you about your favorite soups/tetras/shakes. I don't really want to waste money on those that are universally unpopular. Also, because you can't just pop to the corner shop to pick up a few more of the ones you like, it's hard to buy more of the good ones. Soooo...any heads up on favorites/least liked?
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  3. LizDesigns

    LizDesigns Silver Member

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    My fave's are both the tetras, those are all I have. When I did used to have the sachets, I liked the Choc Mint, Chocolate & Strawberry. I wasn't ever very keen on the soups.
    I'd suggest you try them all as people's favourites really seem to differ.
    The one thing I would say is if you're not keen on cup a soups then i'd stay away from the soups.
    Good Luck.
  4. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    Hi Terry,

    My favourites are:
    Soups: Mushroom, Chicken and Mushroom, oriental chilli, vegetable (i always put a little curry powder in this one to spice it up!)
    Shakes: Butterscotch, Banana, toffee and walnut (great as a mouse but not until wk 3) Vanilla (on its own or with a teaspoon of decaff coffee mixed with it)
  5. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!


    I am obsessed with the choc mint!

    Shakes i like: Choc mint, choc, strawberry

    Soups i like: Chilli, pot and leek

    The tom soup is vile! Uck!

    I also like both tetras. The only bar i like is the cranberry one!
  6. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

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    i'm quite lucky in the fact i like quite a few

    love the choc tetra
    soups i love are leek and potato, chilli, veg, mush, chicken and mush
    bars love the toffee
    shakes...mint choc is my fav also like banana, strawberry, choc
  7. ratty

    ratty Full Member

    I love all of the soups except mushroom (yick) and I've not tried the cheese one. I make half up at a time which makes a good mugful and not too thick, it does taste a lot like cup-a-soup like that. The first time I made leek and potato with the recommended amount of water I felt I could probably eat it with a knife and fork it was so thick.

    Shake wise, the butterscotch tastes like drinking angel delight - yummy! But they're all lovely, except for the coffee one, the fruits of the forest one I could do without, and the toffee-walnut one is very odd.
  8. Jenbean

    Jenbean Member

    I'm a lover of choc and choc mint. There wasn't any soups I liked unfortunately, but I have a major sweet tooth so shakes suit me fine! Vanilla and strawberry are nice too, but I found butterscotch too sickly.

    It's tricky though because we're all different - I have a draw filled of ones I didn't like from the first couple of weeks!

    Has anyone been able to 'sell' sachets back to their cdc??
  9. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I love love love chocolate mint and cappuccino, in fact those are the the only ones I have stocked up on this week from my CDC. I can take vanilla and banana but I only buy those if my CDC has run out of my two faves. Can't take any of the soups....dont know why really. The choc tetra is nice but I find it finishes too quickly and so dont usually busy those either....

    Best thing is to try a few and see what you think.:D
  10. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Hi, I dont like any of the soups im afraid.
    I love vanilla, butterscotch, cappachino ( made hot is like a real creamy sweet milky coffee),strawberry, fruits of the forest, bannana, choc mint is ok but not keen on choc orange.
    Good luck with your cd.xx
    My cdc will swap mine for others if I find one I dont like.
  11. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    was cambridge now exante
    soups, chicken and mushroom and the occasional vegetable for variety, hates the chilli and the tomato and broccoli and cheese was gag inducing for me

    tetra's ewwww no, the choc one was very chemically to me but my wee girl and chums loved it, lol

    shakes. my fave is choc mint and also like banana, strawberry, choc, butter scotch and vanilla
  12. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i only like the spicy tomato soup but apparently your tastes change. the only one i haven't tried is the mushroom so i might give that a go. not so keen on the tetras as drinks. love the choc one frozen as ice cream :D love the choc, vanilla, banana, strawberry shakes. not so keen on the choc mint.

    so as you can see honey. everyone's tastes are different, ha.

    abz xx
  13. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    I love the chocolate velvet tetras (lost the first 6st on three of those a day), the peanut bars, the leek and spud soup, the chick and mush soup, the choc orange sachet, the orange winter spice (limited edition) sachet, I like the broccoli and cheese, although I'm in the minority there. But I'm also in the minority because I don't like chocolate mint. I don't like the spicy tomato, but that's a love it or hate it one.

    Popular flavours from a selling point of view in my neck of the woods are :

    Chocolate Velvet tetra
    Peanut bars
    Chocolate Mint
    Chocolate Orange
    Chicken and Mushroom
    Leek and potato
    Oriental Chilli

    Everything else sells, but not as fast and probably the ones I have to restock the least are

    broccoli and cheese
    vanilla! thought that would be more popular
    spicy tomato ooh look one of these :jelous: ST turns me about that colour!
  14. esmeotto

    esmeotto Full Member

    Shakes: Choc mint made into hot chocolate, vanilla hot with a spoon of coffee. Banana & strawberry cold with loads of ice, can take or leave the others.

    Soups: They were all okay except broc cheese, as it tastes nothing like broc cheese! But definately prefer shakes.

    Bars: Cranberry is my staple...love it. Malt toffee is comes second, but they are all nice.

    Tertras: Choc velv is fab frozen as ice-cream..banana is okay but not as nice as choc, tastes a bit oily to me!

  15. HopeSprings

    HopeSprings Gold Member

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    Slim & Save
    Not tried the soups cos I did 18 years ago and didn't like them (guessing they could have improved now though)!
    My favourites are Toffee n Walnut, Choc Mint and Banana. Didn't know you could get Cappucino. Tried bars, chocolate, toffee and peanut. Have bought Cranberry for tonight. Peanut was full of crunchy peanuts so could get a taste for those.
  16. NicolaH75

    NicolaH75 Full Member

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    Slimming World
    The tetras are my favourites but I add lots of water to them to thin them out a bit (into a pint glass).

    The choc tetra is really nice hot.

    I think most of the soups are disgusting - especially the cheese & broccoli - Yuk! but can have the odd veg if I fancy something savoury.

    Most of the sachets are really nice made into mousse but you can't have these for the 1st 2wks.

    Cranberry & peanut bars are yummy!

    everyone has different tastes tho & as mentioned above most CDC's will exchange them if you don't like a particular flavour so id recommend getting all of them to try once for yourself.

    Good luck! x
  17. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    The only soup I like is Vegetable! The shakes I like are Chocolate,Strawberry and Vanilla!
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  19. Deejay

    Deejay Full Member

    Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate! I love the tetras and the shakes are pretty good too (especially when made with loads of ice)

    In the soups my fav is definitely chicken and mushroom, but also love the mushroom, and the oriental chilli ones. Spicy tomato is also pretty good

    Dee x
  20. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    Goal Weight:
    This is odd for me, as I am definitely more of a 'savoury' person than sweet, but I just can't bring myself to try the soups. Soup isn't my favourite thing anyway, I will have it on occasion, but prefer home made, and am very fussy with flavour!

    Of the shakes I have tried, this is my like/dislike list:

    Choc Mint

    Banana..no matter how I make it, it just seems gritty.

    Neither like nor dislike
    Toffee and Walnut

    Fruits of the Forest just doesn't appeal, and I don't like Coffee so that rules out the Latte ones, nor do I like Chocolate Orange so again, that's ruled out.

    So, I live my life in my little routine of Strawberry for breakfast, Vanilla for lunch and Choc Mint for tea.
    If I desire a savoury kick I make up some Boullion (sp?) but can't drink it, I have it in a mug with a bit of black pepper and use a spoon to 'drink' it like soup.

    Have bought a Banana and a Choc tetra for a planned day out on Sunday but already convinced myself I won't like either!
  21. merlynne08

    merlynne08 Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Love, love, love choc tetras.
    Don't like the shakes at all unless made into fudge/muffins. Especially butterscotch, still gag when I think about that one.
    Soups are powdery but ok - chicken was nice made into crisps.
    Haven't tried the bars yet as I'm just starting week 2.
  22. littlemissspendthrift

    littlemissspendthrift impossible is nothing

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    it all depends on personal taste. i love tomato soup but when i tried the spicy tomato on CD.. well.. lets just say it wasnt for me :jelous:

    im not normally a fan of banana milkshakes, but the ones on CD are lovely!! mint choc is also lush - hot or ice cold!! mmmm yummy

    strawberry is nice - i thought it would taste artificial but its not its nice
    and the mushroom soup i liked, but only when i was really desperate for something savoury (altho i am going to try a crisp/soup recipe next week me thinks :rolleyes:)
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