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Faye's Food Diary


I've been on SW for almost a year now and suddenly don't seem to be doing very well. I still haven't even lost my first stone, so things really aren't good - I know I may not have loads to lose but it's really important to me that I do, you lot all seem to being so well so hopefully something might rub off!

I always keep a food diary but it's just not going how I want it to go so figured might be a good idea to start posting them on here. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome, I need all the help I can get!

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Tuesday (today) is my WI day. Today have somehow managed to gain 0.5 lbs, I know not a huge gain but annoyed as really thought I'd done well, oh well, onwards and upwards!

Today is a green day:

Breakfast: Grilled new potatoes, mushrooms and baked beans
Lunch: Pasta with courgette and tomatoes
Dinner: Probably vegetable stir fry with noodles

Hi fi bar (HEB), 2 Clementines

Will probably have 2 glasses of wine at work drinks tonight, that's my limit as not too sure I deserve any treats after today's gain!
Oh dear, had a little more than 2 glasses last night - had that plus 3 bottles of beer and a 'few' bits from the most amazing buffet- big potato wedges, fish cakes, pastry bits....hmmm.

Today is going to be a good day, I haven't started too well as have just had 2 very tiny little truffle things at work - guessing 8 syns for them - oh well, that's my lot for the day! Here's the plan I AM going to stick to!

Breakfast: Beans on 2 slices 400g toast (HEB)
Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans (am I having too many of these???)
Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with noodles (what was meant for last night!)

Snacks: 2 chocs (8), 2 clementines, apple, 2 ryvita (HEB) with 2 Laughing cow extra light (HEA)
Thursday - GREEN DAY

Breakfast: Spaghetti on toast 400g (HEB)
Snack: Hi Fi bar (HEB) and a hot cross bun (8 syns)
Lunch: Pasta with courgette, chili and bacon - no fat (2)
Dinner: Mixed bean chilli with mashed potato and curly kale

Extras: apple, 2 clementines, pineapple and yet another one of those chocolate truffles (3)

Will do 40 minutes of Davina DVD tonight

Really wish people wouldn't bring things in at Christmas, my willpower is no where near as strong as it needs to be. Finding this time of year very difficult.
Friday - EE Day

Breakfast: Grilled potatoes, mushrooms and bacon with spaghetti

Snack: 1 Ryvita and 1 Extra light Laughing Cow (counting this all as one HEB)

Lunch: Detox soup from Itsu (2 syns), half hot cross bun (4)

Snack: Clementine and apple

Dinner: CHANGE OF PLAN!!! Am going to a Steak Restaurant, I have fancied steak all week, much better diet wise too. Think I'll probably have a nice big steak, jacket potato and salad - I can not wait!!! Will be driving (snow allowing) so no drink which means I won't get too high, not been a great week and could do without the extra syns.
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Tuesday 22nd December EE day

Wooo hooo! Managed to lose 1/2 lb :D:D:D, no idea how I managed that as have been so bad this week (since last Tuesday). Had a fair bit to drink at the weekend, ate lots of pizza, sausage rolls, mince pies - basically everything that I should not be eating.

Today has been much better, I'm going to try to stick to this as much as possible but not freak out if over Christmas I am a little naughty - I fully plan to be back on plan 100% as soon as boxing day is over (all the other days don't really bother me too much, apart from NYE which WILL be drink fuelled!).

Here's today:

Breakfast: Spaghetti on 2 slices 400g toast HEB

Lunch: Pasta from last night with tomato, red pepper and garlic sauce

Dinner: SW spaghetti bolognaise (with added carrots, courgette, whatever's in the fridge veg) topped with sprinkling of HEA cheese

Snacks: Mince pie (can not wait for this temptation to leave the office) 8 syns I guess, 2 clementines

Am going to the gym later so not an awful day.
Tuesday 29th December

I have literally eaten everything possible over the Chritmas period, today it stops! Wasn't so much the meals, they were pretty good, it's all the picky bits in between and I never need to be pushed too much to eat more which certain people seem to do a lot to me at this time of year especially.

Somehow managed to lose 0.5 lbs, I have absolutely no idea how but I'm having it and will need to be extra careful this week that what I've eaten in the past few days does not catch up with me.

Gym tonight, healthy dinner and I'm on my way!
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Wednesday 29th December EE day

Breakfast - 1/2 can spaghetti with 'fried' egg on 1 slice 400g toast (3 syns)

Snack - Veg sushi snack pack (1/2 syn)

Lunch - Ham and spinach roll (HEB) small amount of Flora buttery spread, will count as 1.5 syns - boyfriend kindly made my lunch but forgot butter is a no go!

Snack - Apple and 2 clementines

Dinner - SW spaghetti bolognaise (lots of veg added) with sprinkling of cheese (HEA) and salad

Back to the gym again tonight, may as well make the most of it before the January rush comes along.
monday 4th January - GREEN DAY

Brand new year so I' not even going to bother going into how much I had to drink over New Years! Here goes for a fresh start!:D:D Have decided to set myself a mini goal, would like to lose 15lbs by the time it's my best friend's wedding which is April 16th - that works out at about 1lb a week, should be able to achieve that, a pretty realistic goal I think, maybe should up the amount a little and just go for the whole lot but this seems a little fairer.

Here's today:

2 weetabix (HEB) with semi skimmed milk (HEA) and sweetner

3 ryvita (HEB) with 3 extra light laughing cows (1/2 HEA)

Cous cous with garlic, green lentils and chickpeas

Raspberries, apple and a banana

Mixed vegetable stir fry with quorn pieces, teriyaki marinade and noodles

Lots of water and SF squash throughout day

Going to the gym this evening so probably 40 mins of cardio and 20 mins of weights
Tuesday 5th January - GREEN DAY

Put on 1lb, must have been all that drink on NYE - bit upset about it actually as have made an all out effort this week (NYE drink not included) - oh well, onwards and upwards as they say, I will do my best to get that pound and maybe a little extra off for next week....:break_diet:

Weetabix (HEB) with SS milk (HEA)

2 ryvitas (HEB), 2 extra light laughing cow (HEA), apple

Here's where things went a little wrong - I go tweighted before lunch and left annoyed so why not make matters worse...

Jacket potato with beans AND 2 slices processed cheese (I wasn't expecting that on my potato) 5 syns in total

Kit Kat - a big 4 finger one 13 syns

Beanfeast and veg 'cottage pie' with curly kale, broccoli and green beans

Am going to the gym tonight - think a full hours worth of cardio is in order.

Feel like throwing up now, I am so annoyed with myself, not only have I put weight on, I've just crammed a kit kat in and didn't even really enjoy it.
Thursday 7th January

As of today am going to see if doing original/EE more than green will help with my losses as I seem to be stuck in a green rut which involves a whole lot of potatoes...

Wednesday 6th January - Green day

Poached egg on 2 slices 400g toast (HEB)

Apple and 2 ryvitas(HEB) with 2 extra light laughing cow (HEA)

Japanese detox soup (1 syn) and then a Double Decker (14 syns but well worth it)

Roasted veg - sweet potato, red onion, carrot, courgette and peppers

TODAY - Red day

2 weetabix (HEB) with ss milk (HEA)

Apple and 2 ryvitas (HEB) with cottage cheese

Salad with quorn chicken pieces

Muller light and pack of ham

Chicken wrapped in bacon with leeks, broccoli, green beans and carrots
Monday 11th January GREEN DAY

Back to a green day today, really am struggling on reds, EE fine but I am a green day girl at heart I think. Here's today:

2 weetabix (HEB) with 1% fat milk (HEA)

Itsu detox soup (1 syn)

Muller light, apple

2 Quorn apple sausages, mashed potato (less than usual - think my portions need to be reduced!) and lots of veg (leeks, broccoli, green beans) maybe a few baked beans as OH will and I'll get jealous!

Davina DVD
Tuesday 12th January - Extra Easy

Had WI at lunch and lost 1.5lbs, pleased with this but not bowled over....anyway, here's today:

B: 2 weetabix (HEB) with SS milk (HEA)

L: Pasta mixed with 1 tsp light mayo (1 syn) pepper and mushrooms with salad leaves. I also had a lentil soup from work canteen as am absolutly freezing and cold pasta and salad didn't quite cut it, said low fat but guessing a few syns - 3?

D: Smokey chicken and bean stew - I am so excited about dinner tonight, woman at work had it the other night and it sounds amazing, here's (a very basic) recipe if anyone wants it, made a few tweaks:

Chicken (I'm using breast)
1 can borlotti beans
1 red pepper
1 red onion
3 garlic cloves
4 tomatoes
1/2 tbsp chilli powder
1 tsp smoked paprika (was meant to be chorizo but I reckon this will give same taste - kind of)
300 ml stock made up with cube

Fry the onion and garlic for a few minutes, add the peppers cut into chunks, chuck in the chicken with the chilli and paprika, stir about for a few minutes then add the stock and simmer for a few minutes, add the chopped tomatoes, stock and beans and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes. YUMMO!

Going to the gym for hopefully an hour tonight, I am considering doing 30 - 40 mins gym and a little sauna session as I am so cold!
Wednesday 13th January - GREEN DAY

Should be a good day today, OH is away on business so means that tonight I can indulge in roast vegetables all I like, yum!

2 weetabix (HEB) with SS milk (HEA)

1 Ryvita (HEB) with 1 x light laughing cow (HEA) will have maybe one more of these later if hungry

Work canteen - quorn and mixed vegetable stir fry with rice, used about a tsp oil (2 syns)

Orange and apple

Dry roast veg - courgette, onion, sweet potato, butternut squash and pepper

Probably go to the gym for an hour tonight as will only sit at home feeling lonely and watching rubbish on TV
Thursday 14th January - GREEN DAY


Another green day today, seem to be craving beans and lentils massively today - I can have weeks where I'm like this. Need to add on about 15 more syns to yesetrday for wine consumed last night, whoops...Doing well today though to make up for it and will go to the gym or do Davina DVD later so all OK, I hope!

2 weetabix (HEB) with ss milk (HEA)


Salad bar at work canteen - noodles, loads of mixed beans, chickpeas, rocket and peas

2 clementines and a liquorice stick (4.5 syns)

Lentil, mixed bean, quorn chicken and tomato 'thing' with mashed potato - only small amount, need to start controlling this addiction to mash, anyway, probably have this with mixed veg to up my superfrees for today

Popped to Holland and Barrett at lunch today, have been missing that place so much over the past year since SW, used to be a regular dry fruit eater, love it...anyway, have decided that I need to start injecting a bit of Omega into my diet, I don't eat very much fish as would go for pulses, carbs and quorn anyday over fish and meat, have bought some Omega sprinkle which I plan to have mixed in with porridge for breakfast a few times a week, it's a healthy extra so 2 dessert spoons is quite small for a whole HEB but I think I should give it a go. Anyone got any other ideas of what I could do with my seeds???
Friday 15th January - Green day

Thank God it's Friday!

Last night things didn't go quite to plan - OH ended up coming home early, literally nothing in fridge/cupboards etc so he was going to get an Indian which I decided to join him for. Went for boiled rice with some aubergine and chickpea thing, asked for not too much oil and there wasn't so just to be on the extra safe side, going to count an extra 8 for this - means I'm still under 15 for yesterday.

So, today:

Porridge (HEB) with ss milk (HEA) and Omega seeds (HEB)

Apple, 2 clementines and muller light choc sprinkles

Mushroom soup from work (low fat but guess at 3 syns) with salad bar stuff - noodles, chickpeas, kidney beans, loads salad leaves

More clementines

More mushrooms! Mushroom rissoto (mushrooms, celery, onion, garlic...) sprinkling of parmesan (HEA) with salad leaves

I know a lot of you make porridge with water rather than milk, what's this like, does it taste very different? Just that using 3 of HE's for breakfast alone seems a bit much
Monday 18th January - Green day

Weekend was pretty good foodwise, had quite a few vodkas on Saturday night but apart from that I've been on track.

Today is another green day, I can not seem to stop eating at the moment so am surrounded by fruit in the hope that this will make me not want crisps and chocolate.

Poached egg on tiny toast HEB with flora extra light spread (0.5 syns)

VLF natural yogurt with raspberries, apple and a plum

Cold noodles with mixed veg and salad leaves....am not looking forward to this, seemed like a good idea at the time

Couple of clementines, 2 ryvitas (HEB) with 2 extra light laughing cow (HEA) if I start chewing on my hand

Pasta with homemade sauce (onion, garlic, tomatoes, courgette) and quorn sweddish meatballs...mmmm....sprinkling of cheese (HEA) and some broccoli on the side.
Tuesday 19th January


Just been to WI, stayed the same - have been pretty good over the past week, not gone over on syns but am very close to * week so hopefully that's it.

Poached egg, 2 rashers bacon (no fat), 1/4 tin spaghetti

Apple, Pick and mix sweets (10 syns)

3 scan bran (HEB), tub low fat cottage cheese, celery and carrots - was surprisingly a very pleasant lunch

VLF yogurt with raspberries, plum and clementines

Haddock, jacket potato, courgette and broccoli

am going to the gym tonight, OH will no doubt have to drag me there, feel like curling up and drinking tea...
Wednesday 20th January

Green day today.

Bad start to the day, got up really late and all I've been able to grab (that's SW friendly is fruit) - I find it hard to start the day on fruit and yogurt!

Muller light with few raspberries. Pot of fruit from Sainsbury's (grapefruit, grapes, mango, pineapple)

1 Scan bran (HEB) with light Philadelphia (HEB2), banana and apple

4 Scan bran (still HEB1) and Philadelphia light (HEB2)

VLF yogurt with raspberries, plum and clementine, 2 light babybells (HEA) AND Alpen light bar (3 syns)

SW carbonara with mushrooms (eggs, quark, chives, garlic, onion, cheese (HEA)) and broccoli

Does this seem like a lot of food for today? I have been eating a lot of fruit but someone at work commented on the fact that everytime she looks up I'm eating something - I feeli like a bit of a pig now although I guess alot of this has been fruit...what do you lot think, could I have changed anything? I'm stuck in a rut and could really do with some help.
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Could do with a bit of help...

My losses are really slowing down, don't know if any of you have looked at any of my food diaries but if anyone has any comments on anything they think I'm doing wrong could they help out please? Would really appreciate it. Thanks. x

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