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FEATHER'S Food Diary

Hi everyone! I started WW yesterday after being weighed at the class. I weigh 15/5 and i'm 5ft 1 so my aim is 9st!! Long road ahead but a productive one i hope, lol :D

4ww bread toasted 2pts with
a BIG banana 2pts

4ww bread made into a toastie with
2 slices cheese 2pts and
ww chicken 1/2
ww Caramel Crunch Dessert 3pts

4ww bread with 98% fat free wafer thin ham-which i don't count as i only take a couple of slices
Walkers Square crisps 1 1/2pts
Cadbury Chocolate Freddo 2 1/2pts

apple 1/2pt
Cadbury Chocolate Freddo 2 1/2pts
Walkers Square crisps 1 1/2pts

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well done - fab start - stick with it !!! WW is a great plan.....:)

Debz xx


Oat So Simple "Golden Syrup" flavour 4pts

Slimfast Smoothie 3pts
Sugar Free Jelly 0pts with a
chopped apple 1/2pt on top and a
ww yogurt 1pt poured over the top of both

ww meal - Taste Temptations Salmon & Hoki in a Creamy White Wine Sauce with creamy mashed potato 7pts
ww dessert 3 1/2pts

2 apples 1pt
ww yogurt/jelly 1pt



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G: 12st0lb
Well done on starting a diary.....its a good idea as if you get a better loss one week than another you can look back at what you ate that helped and try it again.

Good luck.
Well done on your food diary.

Just a little thing, when I input more than one slice of WW onto the online database, then the points are different.

IE - one slice of WW bread is half a point, but two slices are one and a half points. Four slices are three points. Just make sure you don't go over your points allowance for the day. Hope this helps xx
Hi Eclipse, thankyou for your comment :) Yes i knew there were 3pts in 2 slices of the ww bread :) I've been on and off ww the past couple of years and you know how you just get used to certain points being in certain things because that's the way you've worked it out on the card, book, online, etc? Well, it was only recently that i found out about the ww bread and i just can't get it into my head that i should count 3pts for 2 slices, lol! Old habits never die eh? ;) Question for you and anyone else that reads this - If you look up the points value in a "normal" Jaffa Cake it tells you 1pt in the Shopping Guide, yet, if you use your points card it tells you 1/2pt?! I've always said 1/2pt and i'm keeping it that way when i do have them, but i am interested in what others say :) Some of my ww friends say 1pt while others like myself count them as 1/2pt!
Hi flower

If there is any discrepancy, I usually rely on my trusty calculator. Do you have the calories and sat fats per jaffa cake and I can work it out for you? xx
lol! actually Eclipse, i don't have any Jaffas in as my son tends to go through them for me! I'm going to asda today so i'll pick up some and i'll let you know what it says on the box :) thankyou! I'm AMAZED at your weight loss!!! WELL DONE! Lipotrim is similar to Cambridge/LighterLife isn't it? I did Cambridge but only lasted 2wks :( just after xmas there..

Day 3
Slimfast Smoothie 3pts

4ww bread/meat 2pts
Walkers Squares - 1 1/2pts

ww meal 5 1/2pts
1 ww Caramel Cake Bar 1 1/2pts
1 ww Chocolate Cake Bar 1 1/2pts

2 ryvitas 1pt
light cheese triangle 1pt


ww meal-
Taste Temptations, seared chicken breast in a lightly spiced tomato & cajun sauce with chunky fried potato wedges!
The trouble with (delicious) jaffa cakes is that they are so light and kinda 'empty', you can eat two packets of them without pausing.

Well, I can. Not that I dare!

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