February Challenge!


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As the month is nearly out and our thoughts turn to February, has anyone thought about what they would like to do for that months challenge. :D

For me it will be to:-

1) Reach my new target of 140lbs (10st).
2) Work up to increasing my daily exercise from 25 mins to 40 :eek:
3) Finally buy some new clothes. Have been hanging on as want to loose those last few pounds. :D :D :D.
4) Start saving for holidays. :)

Whats your challenges for Feb ??

Deb x
Oohh thanks for the reminder Deb, I'll get the February weight challenge set up this evening ready for tomorrow! I can't believe it's February already!

Ummm... Challenges for February:

1) To lose another 4 - 6 lbs (Hopefully making that one stone lost so far this month)

2) Get a rota/system in place for exercise so I actually know what days I'm walking.

3) Save money for my clothes shopping in April (going to West Quay, yay!).

4) Try and keep drinking my water.

5) Completely believe that I'm really going to achieve this. Even though I've stuck to it for 31 days now with no cheating, and I've lost 9lbs, but of me still doesn't believe that I'm going to be a size 12 for Christmas.

I'm sure I'll think of some more though!

Where are you planning on going on your holidays Deb?