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February money challenge

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by sparty, 27 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. sparty

    sparty Gold Member

    Hello all - new thread since feb is creeping up on us!

    How did everyone do In January? I don't think I ended up doing well at all but as soon as my wages goes in I'm switching banks and starting fresh!
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  3. GrannieAnnie

    GrannieAnnie Silver Member

    I`m subscribing!!

    After doing so well in January I`m raring to go for February.
    We`re away for a week early Feb but I`ve already put our spending
    money by for it. The intention is that we won`t overspend and
    dip into our bank account.

    We shall wait and see!!
  4. TamaraJDM

    TamaraJDM Full Member

    I would like to join please.. Really need to get a handle on my finances with 2 holidays coming up (one is paid for, Florida I haven't even touched!) I also have a credit card and overdraft to clear down.

    I can't do it all at once though and as the overdraft is quite low and I only pay about £1.50 a month for it I'm going to leave that to one side for now.

    So.. This month!
    My bills come to £698 a month so that's gone straight away! I do get my 2 months free council tax and water from this month though but instead of spending it - that's going in the Florida account so about £110 there.

    I'm then going to pay £100 off the credit card, as is hubby so £200 off that this month.

    Then I am going to draw out the rest of my money - approx 340 which will be split down as below:
    £80 - Day care for my dog for the month
    £120 - Petrol for the month
    £25 - meal and drinks after work Friday
    £40 - hair as it is in a state and I haven't had it done since October
    £30 - valentines, although I think we may cancel it this year due to what we've got to save for!
    £45 - hopefully into savings providing nothing else creeps up on me!

    Hubby pays for food each month so that's covered. He also puts quite a bit in savings and shares etc as he gets paid more!

    Sorry that's a right ramble isn't it!!

    Tamara xx
  5. sparty

    sparty Gold Member

    I'm trying to empty my cupboards and freezer as well this week and do without getting much in (which I should be able to do). Luckily both bf and I get paid Friday and he will give me £350 this time and then £350 again in 2 weeks when he gets paid again.

    so on Friday I will pay £200 off my credit card and put £150 In to savings.

    Then it's bank account switch time!

    The other £350 will be part money for the month, part savings and part paying off overdraft but I'll sort that out when it arrives!!
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Definitely need to be on track for February. January has been a very expensive month!!

    I have a weeks holiday early feb but I have £950 for spending money already put aside which should be plenty and I really want to not dip into my overdraft (I cleared it but they won't let me cancel it as it's part of the account...how stupid is that?!) so it's constant temptation. Also have a catalogue to get cleared as all major appliances seemed to break last year and I have until July to clear it before I start getting charged interest.

    Good luck everyone :D

    Does anyone get paid monthly but do their shopping weekly? I always end up having to go back in at least 4/5 times after I've done the shopping :( x
  7. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Do you just divide the money you would normally spend into 4 and just go once a week? We usually allocate £160-200 (depending on how much diesel we need) for the month but I think I easily spend another £20-30 a week on top!
  8. sparty

    sparty Gold Member

    I try and do either one or two bigger shops and then just top up fruit and veg in between if I need it. I'm going to try and set a budget for food this month and stick to it - usually I just get what we need.
  9. TamaraJDM

    TamaraJDM Full Member

    I've started doing mine online with a strict £50 a week budget. Doing it online means I don't get distracted by bad foods or the 'home' aisle etc. Working out great for us since Christmas! We both get paid monthly too x
  10. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Oh that's a great idea! I think I still have that old online food phobia where I'll get nearly all out of date stuff lol so have been putting it off. Thanks :) x
  11. TamaraJDM

    TamaraJDM Full Member

    I know what you mean and yesterday's delivery have a loaf of bread that went out of date yesterday and mince today but I've complained and getting my money back for them. Asda also check your receipts and if you could have got the same shop elsewhere for 10% cheaper they give you the difference so every shop I've had a couple of £'s knocked off too!

    I may try morrisons online shopping now as I much prefer their products but will see if there's any difference price wise first!
  12. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

  13. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    I get paid monthly and divide shopping money up weekly. We do spend a lot on food but I try really hard to stick to what is budgeted now. I used to pop the shops in the week to get a bit more fruit etc but now I try to just keep it to the bare essentials of milk, even with the need for superfree with sw there are ways round avoiding the supermarket and ending up spending more in the week eg having frozen veg and fruit in to top up.
    Since I have stopped the mid week top ups I reckon I have saved at least 100 a month as would always get carried away x
  14. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Yep, I get paid monthly but go shopping weekly.

    I don't even allocate any money for food I just buy what's needed, but I go to Lidl every Monday for bread (OHs favourite), fruit & yogurts & whatever else is on offer which we'd normally buy. I then go to Asda or Morrisons for whatever else is needed, I also go to the market for meat, but that's not every week, I'm not a big meat eater & what I buy OH puts in the freezer & takes out as & when.

    I've no idea the amount of money I spend on food, at the market its generally £10, Lidl anywhere between £10-£30, Asda about £65, there are only two of us, I don't think that seems too bad. Maybe a lesson here for me:rolleyes:

    February again I'm going to try & only buy what is actually needed & not buy any unnecessary items, you know like books, etc. Whoopsie just remembered I need some walking ankle boots, DD may be able to get me some at cost from where she works otherwise it's that online bidding site. Then thats it, me & OH don't bother to do anything for Valentines day so no worries there, I've no birthdays, parties etc so shouldn't be too bad.
  15. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Surprised at no allocation of money for food, maybe because its such a big outgoing for us though
  16. sparty

    sparty Gold Member

    I don't allocate an amount for food either really. Just get what we need as cheap as possible. But that is mainly as I find it impossible to budget when living in an overdraft so once I have switched banks I plan to budget £100 per month for 2 of us and see how that goes.
  17. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    100 a month...oh how I wish! We spend about 150 a week and thats without boys lunches of 25 a week each!
  18. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I think so, to be honest it surprised me as I thought about it, I'm so organised & like to know what's going on, I pay for the food, OH doesn't pay for any of it. I do think it's because there is only us two now & we're not a family of 4, when DS & DD lived at home we did have a budget allocated to food.

    It did make me think & I do need to look at how much I spend on food & set a budget, I don't over spend, I never waste food & think overall I don't go mad.
  19. sparty

    sparty Gold Member

    Wow that's loads! When we have kids it's gonna be a massive shock to the system (and bank account!!)

    Easily done though - when I babysit my nieces I seem to go through bread like it's nobody's business!!
  20. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Flippin eck, that is loads, and the boys lunches of £25 each, wow, I'd be sending them with packed lunches!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    I know I do try and keep it down and do get most toiletries and pet stuff out of that too.

    Is your estimated 65 a week or month Michelle? Just thinking if weekly thats for 2 of you and theres 5 of us so not much difference per person?

    The lunches is a ridiculous amount I know but they have really long days and it does include some drinks and some breakfast/break stuff sometimes and youngest is really fussy with food and doesn't like enough stuff to send in a packed lunch that he would eat and then it doesn't help his behaviour so am kind of resigned to paying it :sigh:

    Its funny how we all have such different ways with money etc but great to see it on this thread for inspiration for change where possible

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