Fed up of wearing ill fitting and other peoples clothes!


Got a life thank you!
Just a bit of a whinge, my kid sister has just given me a load of her old clothes as they are too big for her now and are size 14/16.

I have two pairs of trousers that I bought new that fit and everything else is either hugely baggy now or other people's.

I want my own clothes now but have no idea what to buy as I am wearing a pair of 18 trousers I bought a few weeks back and they are now too baggy.

I know this is for just a short time until I get into maintenance but hate wearing other people's cast offs, I want my own clothes again!

(can you see a theme running through this post??)

:confused: :confused: :confused:
Have you got a Matalan or Primark near you?

Their clothes are great & very cheap so it doesn't matter if they don't fit you for long!

Love xxx
Hmmm, Matalan - now there's an idea there is one just behind my office. I never thought of those places because I never fit their clothes before, I think I need to retrain my brain.

I am sure I wouldn't fit Primark yet though but am looking forward to when I can.

Thanks for that very helpful.
Their SUMMER SALE is on! Go tomorrow!

If it helps I find Matalan's sizes quite big so be ready to take a couple of sizes into the changing rooms. I'm still 11 stone but I have some size 8 tops from there despite having E boobs! They've got some really lovely workwear, cheap shoes & I love their jeans, pyjamas & casual stuff.

It all varies in the fit - I have a pair of 18s that still fit, some small 16s, 14s & my standard 12s.

Primark come up very small!

You are lucky - I have to drive 1/2 an hour to get to my nearest Matalan - probably a good thing as I've only once spent less than £50 in there. Most recent was £41: belt £2, 3 x knickers 3 for £5, shoes £4, 2 jumpers £8 & £10 & trousers £12. You wouldn't get all that for those prices anywhere other than Primark!
Wow that is an amazing amount of clothes for £50! I struggle buying from primark as my brother was a clothing buyer there for a long time and we used to get samples for nothing! Those were the days!

I will definately have a trip to Matalan if I get chance tomorrow.
ooo. Have fun shopping!! Let us know what lovely clothes you get. :)
The trousers & jumpers were new lines - the sale stuff is even cheaper!

Yes - let me know what you think & what you get!
I so cant wait to fit in Primark clothes!
Did I heck, the joy of work, it kicked off big style yesterday before I had even opened my eyes and has carried on solidly ever since! Oh the joys of having your own business. Will definately try and get there if and when the dust settles.
I think i'll be taking your lead and heading for matalan at the weekend.
Went to football tonight with my OH and put on my favourite trousers - had to walk a little bit to the ground and spent all the way there holding my trousers so they didnt fall down!! :D
i'm not complaining but I can see how this could turn out to be more expensive than i'd thought!!