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  1. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    I've just weighed in... a loss of 0.7lbs - yep, less than one pound. whoopey doo.
    I've stuck to this 100% for 6 weeks and a loss of 19lbs to date. Way way less than any others that were a comparable weight to me at the beginning... what have I done differently this week - nothing. I'm 39 and on HRT (due to hyst 3 yrs ago). Any one any ideas what I can do to get more weight off? Very frustrating being this good and losing bugger all....
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  3. barnsie23

    barnsie23 Full Member

    Hi i saw your post and couldnt just read and run. Please dont feel disheartened 19lbs is a great achievement they say an average of 1st per month so your doing extreamly well. You should try not to compare your losses with others as we are all different and lose weight at different rates. I remember coming on here and seeing all these ppl loosing up to a stone in their 1st weeks and i set my expectations so high i was dishartened with an 8lb loss which when i think back was just madness. Please keep going it will be worth it there will be weeks when the weight loss slows and then all of a sudden a big loss appears. See what next week brings you will probably be pleasently supprised. Oh and make sure you measure yourself sometimes the scales dont show the loss you may expect but the tape measure does. Best of Luck xx
  4. hobekat

    hobekat Full Member

    Dont get down you have much less to loose than some of the others on here and it does seem to have an effect on what you can loose. My weigh in is tomorrow and my scales havent moved this week so i can see why you are a bit down...... if on ss 100% then you must loose weight I think you will be on for a big loss next week
  5. moanz

    moanz Full Member

    Don't worry, most of us have this, i think its the hormones personally alongside the water retention. It'll come off next week. I don't take too much notice of weigh-ins, i bet you feel looser in your clothes??
    Good luck for next week Simone x
  6. Nibbles

    Nibbles Silver Member

    OMG !!:eek: How i remember the week that i stayed the same. I was so p...ed off. All that effort, 100% SS and i stayed the bl..dy same. Excuse my French. And the time i put on weight, but that was the After Xmas WI. LOL.
    Don't give up, just look forward and work towards next weeks WI.
    You and i have very similar stats, so i can assure you that you will that is worth every bit of perseverance
  7. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    Thanks Nibbles... like you say, very similar stats. Can you tell me what your average weight loss was per week please?
  8. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    Hiya Hun

    You have done so well hun - 19lbs is great. I am much heavier than you and ok so my weight loss is a little bit higher, but in reality not a lot. I have been a bit like you and looked at other people's stat's and keep thinking some people have lost 2 1/2 - 3 stone in the same time ive lost 26lbs, bit gutting really. But, you know what, I look into everything else I have tried, ww, slim fast aswell as reductil (from the dr) and never have I lost consistently every week like I am now (please don't jinx myself) week 2 i only lost 3/4lbs and was absolutely gutted, but then the following week I lost 4 1/4lbs so it did kinda even itself out in the end. Now I roughly lose between 2-3lbs a week. I keep wanting it to come off quicker like most people, but having looked at my overall progress, and yours - it is coming off, and consistently, next week you will have a big loss and this week will soon be forgotten.

    I know I've rambled on a bit, but I hope it helps hun.

    Good luck to you, don't give up. I have PCOS so I suffer hormone probs too, and know this can be a bigggg effect on weight loss.

  9. Nibbles

    Nibbles Silver Member

    04/09/2008 12st 12lbs > loss of 1lb just before starting CD
    19/09/2008 12st 6lbs > 6lb loss
    29/09/2008 11st 11lbs > 5lb loss
    06/10/2008 11st 9lbs > 2lb loss
    13/10/2008 11st 4lbs > 5lb loss
    20/10/2008 10st 12lbs > 6lb loss
    30/10/2008 10st 8lbs > 4lb loss
    10/11/2008 10st 8lbs > Stayed the same:eek:
    17/11/2008 10st 5lbs > 3lb loss
    24/11/2008 10st 3lbs > 2lb loss
    30/11/2008 10st 3lbs > Stayed the same:eek:
    08/12/2008 10st 0lbs > 3lb loss

    Have never worked out my average losses and my WIs were never at regular intervals due to my irregular work shifts.
    I now have accepted 9st 10lbs as my final goal and am attempting to maintain this weight. If i hit 10st, sirens and alarms will sound :8855: I am determined to maintain.
  10. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Are you losing inches ? might be you are
  11. kathare

    kathare Member

    Try to stay positive and remember that on any diet, even a VLCD, there will be weeks where you lose nothing or even gain. It's the end amount and average per week that counts :)
  12. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    The average weight loss is a stone per month, you've done that plus you are still losing. No-one loses at the same rate and I'll warrant a guess, that the HRT somehow slows the fat loss somewhat. Don't quote me as I am not a medical person, but have read it does lots of things to the body besides what it is meant to...

    You're doing well and averaging 3 point something pounds per week, which is faster than a normal low calorie diet...don't be disheartened, take your measurements each month. How are your clothes fitting? Everyone is different, and comparing your losses to others' is pointless...you are you and the speed and amount is right for you...keep going, you will reap the rewards, focus on mini goals to keep you going.

    You've done so well besides!!!
  13. Gunna-make-it

    Gunna-make-it Full Member

    I managed to put on 2lbs last week even tho I stuck to it 100% but had more water this week and lost 3lbs! It is very strange - think it just happens..
  14. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    Thanks girls.
    I'm not falling off the wagon, don't worry! I've lost too much already, and like you say, I wouldn't do that on any other diet. I have definitely lost inches... tho I didn't do my own measurements, I am having an assessment at the gym next Tuesday, so they'll all be done then. My body fat is down 3% they've already measured that. Plus this morning I dropped my kids round to my mums and she's found a lovely skirt for me in a charity shop (I won't buy new clothes until I'm at target) and it's a size 12. She said "I know you won't be able to get into it yet, but you've got it ready", so out of curiosity I tried it, and it does fit! I can't remember the last time a 12 fitted! (I was a 16 squeezed into a 14 when I started).
    So, there you go, I'm feeling more positive today. It's just that my counsellor (lovely tho she is), makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world that loses that little on the CD!:8855:
  15. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    Ummm... well, the saga continues! Last nights weigh in.... wait for it..... 1.9lbs.... so, it's more than last week, but not exactly awe inspiring, eh? And to get that, I have gone without my water flavourings, and have been having just porridge + 2 shakes per day and a teeny tiny piece of a bar each evening just so I can chew!
    But I will update this later as I'm going to the gym for an assessment today and will get measured.... so we'll see how many inches have gone... it's just so disheartening.
  16. lottymoo

    lottymoo Taking one day at a time.

    Please don't be disheartened - you are losing, and will probably have better weeks, as well as the slower weeks.
  17. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    All of my weeks have been slow ... and now they're even slower! Anyway, I have just had my gym assessment.... I have lost Waist -3.5", Bust -3", Abdomen -3", Hips -2.5", Thighs - 1.5" & 1", Arms -1/2" ea
    My body fat is down 4.5%
    BMI now a healthier 26.6

    So, I'm feeling a bit happier now!
  18. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    There you go, the gym folks are right when they say to not take too much notice of the scales and go by measurements and things! Way to go that's fab!!! You might have more muscle mass than most?!
  19. Flobble

    Flobble Full Member

    Hope you get some inspiration from these guys ! Hold onto their positive words..
  20. Ilovecambridgediet!

    Ilovecambridgediet! Full Member

    Absolutely... I must stop weighing myself at home too... I always think that I've lost more and then get disappointed... but then my CDC seems to expect more of me too.... I just can't do anymore than I already am!
  21. Bonzo

    Bonzo Full Member

    24lbs is not to be sniffed at....... and look at where you are now...... only 19lbs away from goal. No wonder the weight isn't falling off you...... what I (and probably many others) wouldn't give to be 19lbs away from goal and fitting into a size 12!! You've done so well and if you continue as you have been doing you could be a goal in a max of 8 weeks..... by April 21st...... not bad eh?? Just in time to go shopping for some lovely new summer clothes!!

    Keep up the good work x

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