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Discussion in 'WW Weekly weigh ins' started by najwa, 27 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. najwa

    najwa Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm finding this so hard! I'm getting married in September and really want to lose 10lbs by my dress fitting in August. I put on half first week ( time month) lost 4 in 2nd week and today I gained 1.5lbs!

    Fair enough, was little naughty but not Terribly. I find my 26 points do no stretch enough and I'm left hungry! Makes me think about food ALL the time. Really want to get on track! I even did exercise this week....still a gain :(

    Sorry for the moan x
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  3. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Hi there,sometimes exercise can make us put on a little bit of weight at first,have you tried eating plenty of zero points fruit and veg?using veg to bulk out mince ( if you eat it of course) do you not like to use your weeklies?
  4. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Maybe you've lost inches,sometimes no weight loss but the inches come off
  5. najwa

    najwa Member

    Yeah I find I have to use my weeklies daily, so 7 extra per day or I'm just starving.

    I felt like I lost weight, but 1.5lbs on is very
  6. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Maybe talk to your leader about what you are eating and she will advise you.Maybe you have lost inches then if you felt like you have lost weight.
  7. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    I am supposed to be on 27pp's a day but when I joined WW the last time the minimum pp's was 29pp's so I have just stuck to the 29pp's & I have lost both weigh ins - maybe give that a wee try for a couple of weeks?

    Oh & you are not a failure - this is about my bazillionith time joining WW - I initially joined in 2008 weighing 12st8lbs rejoined 2 weeks ago weighin 12st7lbs - so there ya go put all the weight back on!!!

  8. najwa

    najwa Member

    Yeah I guess, just feel like I take one step forward and 2 back. Good to know your still losing having more points, do you have or weeklies too?

    Perhaps I lost inches, but guess the aim in this "game" is weight loss, lol :(
  9. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Hi Najwa,

    No hun you are not a failure - you have gritted your teeth to do something that is important to you, you have come on here for advice about it not going as you expected, and you have started exercise so that you will be a toned bride in September! None of those say 'failure, they say 'success!'

    As the others have said, starting, or changing the type of exercise you do can mean a gain - your body holds on to fluid to help cushion and repair your muscles. It seems a bit odd but you need to drink more to help overcome this. Also, you don't have a huge amount to lose (I don't mean any offence by that - I can see how important it is to you) and that often means that the weight loss is slower than someone who has a lot of weight to lose. You say you were a little naughty - maybe you are one of the unlucky ones who cannot get away with even being a little naughty. Perhaps as Dolly says you could try 29PP a day plus your weeklies - then you might feel less deprived and able to fit a treat into your points, and also as Daisy says - try and include plenty of 0PP fruit and veg to fill you up.
    Having said all that, if I have read your first post correctly you have lost 2lbs over 3 weigh ins? I should think that is a reasonable average for someone with your amount to lose, especially if one week was TOTM, and it means that instead of 10lbs to go before August/September, you now only have 8lbs to go! You can do it!
  10. najwa

    najwa Member

    Wow, moonwatcher, what a positive message. Thanks so so much. Exactly what I needed, was willing to give up.

    Good point about the exercise, I did some weighs so maybe the water retention to heal muscles is correct, and i was night duty, which is never good.

    Yes, only 8 lbs to lose. Wooo!!!!

    I guess I cannot be bad, I'll have few extra points as suggested and see how that goes.

    Off to drink loads of water!!! Lol.

    Thanks guys. Very impressed with this forum!
  11. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    You're very welcome! It would be interesting to see if you notice any pattern when you do night duties as well. Apparently it can make a difference - partly because of the effect on your bodily rhythm/hormones (don't know much about it, but have read a few articles about it) and maybe also because I should think it can be more of a challenge to balance your points, eat the right things, and work out where your day starts/ends for points etc.,
    Glad you are not giving up!
  12. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Great post :0)
  13. ToniSandy

    ToniSandy Full Member

    Please don't get dissheartened, sometimes the scales just don't want to show your loss!! Whenever I don't loose on the scales I loose in inches and notice a visable differance, sure we want the number on the scales to go down but I think to myself more people see me than what the scales say so noe I see both as important in the weight loss journey. Keep motivated and keep smilling. Xx
  14. najwa

    najwa Member

    Thankyou guys.

    I've been back on track...fingers crossed for my Tuesday weigh in
    :) x
  15. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Glad you feel better and are back on track,hope all goes well for your Tuesday wi :0)
  16. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    I agree about the inches being important aswell as the weight loss.Plus like you say it doesn't always show on the scales but does with the tape measure!

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