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Feel like I have a mountain to climb

Hi All,

Having a bit of a wobble tonight - couldn't get to zumba:(

I don't know if it is totm or what but I was looking at the 92 days of cruise I need to do and it just feels like such a huge task.

I have 2st still to lose despite the fact I have already lost 1 and a half stone. Just so fed up with my self.

Sorry for moaning. :sigh:
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we all go through thoughts like that your not alone ...Ive been on dukan for a year now and still not got to conso more through own fears , but a year ago i never thought i would lose the weight it seemed like a nightmare task but I have and i never want to go back to where i was
take each day at a time and 92 days really is not that long
92 days is nothing! You'll be on conso before Christmas and everyone will be admiring your new svelte self.
I pasted a picture of one of the dresses I desperately want to fit into next month, if I don't diet it won't happen. Try something similar if the enormous weight loss doesn't keep you as inspired at times.



Just keep swimming...
Is funny you should feel like that right now... I was reading through the book earlier on the sections on consolidation and stabilisation and I got quite depressed as this diet is certainly restrictive, and it just seems like I will have to be on it for such a long time.

But really it isn't such a long time... I have been struggling with my weight for almost 30 years. Even if it takes me a year to finish the stabilisation stage it is still a blip in the time I have been miserable with myself. And it isn't going to take a year to get to my True Weight - I should be there in about 3 months, which is nothing!

The book has taught me that I will ALWAYS have a tendency to gain weight through lots of factors. So this is a life long eating plan, not a quick fix. Have endured countless quick fix diets and always ended up back to where I was - fat and unhappy, often fatter and unhappier. So were 30 year's of quick fix diets worth it? Nope.

So try to look at it as a life change, rather than a long slog. You will get to your goal weight in no time, and then it is just a case of learning how to eat properly for the rest of your life so that you will never need to go on another 'diet' again. That's what I'm going to do.

We can both do this you know... just remember that celebration we are going to have!!
We all have wobbles - its not necessarily the diet, but life in general.

You are doing great, and you'll be amazed at how quickly that time passes.
Just take it one day at a time and you'll reach your goal :)
You are not alone - I am in for the long haul too.
I think we have a similar amount to lose so its cruise until 18th November for me (just in time for DHs 40th on 27th!).
Just think stick with it - and you will have the best Christmas ever!
I'm on cruise for 152 days and have decide to just break it down into 7 day chunks and that way it seems far more managable. 92 days should be a piece of cake, or at least a dukan friendly toffee muffin!

Keep going and don't be disheartened, you've done amazingly well so far, I can only dream at this moment in time of losing a stone and a half!
Don't let yourself get disheartened, you've had a wonderful loss....and 92 days isn't too long, just imagine, you'll be going into a whole new year at your goal weight with a whole new body x It's sooooo worth it!


** Chief WITCH **
When I started out, there were no official sites to get ESTIMATED timings from, and so I had no idea how long I was going to be on the diet for! But given that I'd been on A diet most of my life, it wasn't something I dwelt on unduly.

Think also of using the time "usefully" - thinking of previous bad habits perhaps not to slip back into once at goal.

And that celebration at goal weight will of course not be food oriented! :D
Hi All,

Having a bit of a wobble tonight - couldn't get to zumba:(

I don't know if it is totm or what but I was looking at the 92 days of cruise I need to do and it just feels like such a huge task.

I have 2st still to lose despite the fact I have already lost 1 and a half stone. Just so fed up with my self.

Sorry for moaning. :sigh:
Hey babe,

Bless you, it is so hard when you look at it like that. I have a whopping 9 stone to lose just to get to a healthy weight and I have lost 10lb already lol. According to the Dukan site I will be in Cruise until end of July 2012 I think it is, WOW thats a darn long time! But, I am losing, though its slowed since I started Cruise on Monday.

I think I am about to get my TOTM, they are irregular which is so annoying but I get signs such as spots, ratty mood and huge appetite lol. I have really struggled this week to stay away from all things bad, its definitely not been easy and at times I would have happily eaten my own hand if it tasted like chocolate om nom nom lol though I know, once it gets here, I will feel really proud of myself!

Keep going babe, you have done so well and in no time at all you will be at your desired goal - especially with all this Zumba going on! :bliss:

In a few months time people will be flooding you with compliments like "Wow, you look great and you did it so quickly - share your secret?!" just imagine how elated you will feel.... xxx
Right my girl ( said in a sensible, not nonsense voice), no despondency - you hear?
We would all like to have a magic wand, and tra-laa - the weight just falls off. But its not going to happen like that.
Our fattiness didn't go on overnight. In my case, it took 6 years. However if someone can guarantee that by sticking to an eating plan, I would be back to my former size by Christmas ( without feeling hungry and sticking of acetone) I'd happily buy in.

Now that's the lecture over, have a lovely day, and this time next week you'll look at the scales and know that this is the right thing to do

Tessa ( hug)
Glad youre feeling more positive, the week before TOM usually gets to me and its time to pull out the tolerateds and make a nice dessert or have a big steak and watch a daft film.

Getting past it is brilliant. Youre doing really well and will get there and as someones said above you'll be done for christmas, so start thinking about an outfit that will look great on your new shape.
Thank you all so much! ;)

I am feeling much better. You are all great and a real inspiration to me. I CAN do this and I WILL do this because I want to be slimmer and fitter. Not for the kids, not for my husband but for me.

I am going to be making some pretty big changes to my life over the next few months. It starts with this.
Someone told me once that if you do a new thing everyday for 28 days it becomes a automatic habit.

Whatever the truth of this, it seems to have happened to me - I just walk past the sandwich shops where I used to get my breakfast and lunch. It feels natural to get up and switch on the stove to start my galette while I'm still in my dressing gown and half asleep.

As mouse says - in a very short space of time it won't be a weird, strange challenging thing - it will just be the way you live, as if you have always lived like this.