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Extra Easy Feel like I've eaten LOADS


B - Crunchy bran and milk (HEA (1/2) + HEB)
S - apple and paw paw, can sugarfree juice (2 syns)
L - Spinach, potato, onion, tomato curry with piece of cod (0 syns)
D - Pork rib steak (5.5 syns) with courgette, carrots, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, gravy (2.5 syns). Coffee using reast of HEA
S - 1/2 a punnet of grapes, and some syn free fromage frais

Total syns 9.5/10

But I feel I've eaten far too much and I'll have put on at WI !

I know this will be a fairly common post title and complaint (as it were) but I'm still getting to grips with it. Day 1 and all that :)
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Its just it feels strange eating "unlimited" foods and being on a plan. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Away to have some carrot sticks now :D


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Really Lexi Dog, thats not alot, you may feel like it was a lot to take in but read through your list, out of like 16 food items on there 13 of them are either no calories or really low in calories and lets face it a little bit of gravy some steak and a few potatoes really won't make you put on weight, your doing really really well hunny, and if all your days are as good as this i will really be suprised if you dont loose:)keep up the awesome workxxxx
Im on day 2 and i really feel the same....im a bit worried....


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hoesntly don't worry lovely,i'm on extra easy and thought the exact same, like im eating more on this plan than i used to but now its all healthy low calories low fat goodness rather than all the chocolates and pizza of before, i was so scared first way in coz i thought it was too much to eat for all the freefoods to loose weight but i lost 3.5 pounds:D so im sure you will do just the same if u keep it up:Dxxx
i`m just eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a main meal for tea and fruit inbettween. my stomach feels shrunk all the time but i dont feel starving, i think anything else i`d feel to full.

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