Feel so light & whooshy headed today!


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I dont know why but its not very pleasant! :eek:

Not doing anthing different, having my 3 a day and plenty of water. No excessive exercise just sitting at my desk doing paperwork!

Hope it passes soon. :(

dizzy Deb x

How yucky for you hun !

was gonna suggest water etc....but lookslike ur doin all that already :rolleyes:

hopefully a CDC will be along in a mo to give some advice...

Hope you feel better soon hun




Not dieting ATM!

Hope you are already feeling a bit better. Could be many things causing you to feel a bit dizzy. Not necessarily to do with the diet as you say nothing has changed. I'm wondering if it may be heating. I find artificial heating does that to me especially if you are maybe in an office sharing the air with many others. I would suggest carry on with the water and your foodpacks (don't leave too big gaps between them) Get little walks in the fresh air when you can. Turn heating down if possible and you think it may be a factor. Make sure you don't get too tired early night if need one. ALso just generally look after yourself and use as an excuse not to over do things.

Hope this passes before you know.

Dizzy x


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thanks for all the advice eveyone.

Its sort of coming and going.... one min ok and then feeling a bit out of sorts. I was going to the bank lunchtime but going to leave off and maybe go later.

Still drinking loads ((gulg glug)) and am having my meals at regular times. 7.30am, 1pm and 6pm.

Havent changed a thing. Maybe my body is just having a little rebellion right now !! :D . I had a very easy week one apart from cravings so its a bit of payback. !

Thanks for your concern.

Deb x


I get that sort of feeling quite often, and I did before the diet too. I get dizzy very easily and I've always put it down to an inner ear thing, my doctor says the times I feel dizziest are when there are dead hairs in my eardrums.


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Hi Deb, sorry 2 hear u r not feeling 2 good.
Do u think u might be coming down with a bug or the flu as they could easily give u those kind of symptoms.
If u still feel like this tomorrow and u have not had any other symptoms that suggest u have the flu or a bug then maybe u need to see your doc.

Vlcd diets do drop your blood sugar levels and this can cause u 2 feel dizzy,have u ever have u ever had symptoms simular 2 this b4 you started Ssing ?

I am sorry cant offer any more advice am not an experienced Vlcd peep but i am sure someone will soon be along.
Take care and hope u feel better soon x

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As Roch rightly says VLCD's can lower blood sugars. Try splitting your packs for a couple of days and having 6 small portions equally spaced out.

It could of course be the flu as there seems to be quite a lot of that around at the moment.

Hope this sorts itself out soon. If the symptoms persist for more than 48 hours you should pop along and check with the GP.



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Morning everyone

Thanks for all your concerns. I am feeling ok today and no more of the horrible symptoms of yesterday.

I have a theory about whats happened and going to post about it in a bit, I could be wrong but would be interesting to read others thoughts on it. :)

Deb x