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feelin :(

Hi guys,

Just feeling very down at the min.

I have a really sore throat and am finding it hard to swallow.

All I managed y.day was soup.

And I think that's all I am gonna manage, so I am totally gonna be off plan :(

I canne even eat muller lights without wincing.

Sorry for the post, just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for listenin xx
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Sending you some big hugs from Wakefield honey
Thanks chick :) needed that!!!

As much pain as I am in, the thing that is doing my head in most is being off plan!!! ARGH xx


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lots of hot water with honey and lemon dont worry about being off the plan you cant expect to stay on the plan while your unwell! *bighugs*

Mrs V

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Aww hun!!!

Just concentrate on getting first, then you can think about the plan when you are feeling better.

Take care

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Just wanted to say that I hope you feel better soon hun. My OH swears by gargling salt water! I don't know how he does it, I've tried it when I've had a sore throat and it makes me heave. lol. :wavey:


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If you've got some sugar free squash you could try making it with hot water - that usually soothes me when I've got a sore throat. In fact, I'm drinking buckets of it right now!


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:character00264:There's nothing worse than a sore throat is there?! Yes, gargle with salty water and dose yourself up with some honey and lemon and paracetamol! Don't beat yourself up about being off plan! I know you probably feel out of control, but I bet you'll lose weight being poorly!! OK, not the ideal way to do it and you may not get the right nutrients for a couple of days but you'll soon make up for it afterwards, and better to be out of control that way than to be out of control in a stuffing your face with everything insight=big weight gain kind of way!! LOL!! Big smile:553: You'll be fine!!XXX


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Hope you feel better soon. I had a really sore throat just before xmas and tried the spray from the chemist - sorry can't remember the name of it but I'm sure the pharmacist will be able to help. It kind of numbs your throat.
Take care x
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Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.((((((((((hug)))))))))))) Don't worry about being off plan, you will probably loose anyway.
Sending some sunshine to warm u up


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Hugs coming way - )))))hugs(((((( - I hope you will feel better very soon, take care now. X
Thanks for all your support guys! Been off food for two days now and suddenly got a craving for doner meat! Argh. Having bachelors wholemeal minestsone soup tho i reckon. Thank you all again, so so much x x

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