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Feeling Alittle sick today

Hi Jayne, I found day 2 to be my worst day, I felt sick and headachey and wondered how I'd get through several weeks of CD, but I stuck with it and woke up on day 3 full of energy and feeling great - stick at it, drink lots of water which will make you feel better and less hungry.

The coldness hasn't worn off unfortunately, my hands seem to be freezing all the time - wrap up warmly!

Corinne x
Hey all,

These feelings are normal at the start of this diet, so don't worry! And they WILL go!

If you're feeling sick after a shake, try splitting them, as sometimes a full shake is too much for the body at the start of the diet.

Good luck, it WILL get better very soon, and the weight will start to drop off!
Hi im also on day 2 and i too feel sick, cold and have a headache, as im restarting i know that this is completely normal and will settle down, personally i have a headache on days 2,3 and 4 but then after that its plain sailing if i stick to it 100% ;)

Take it easy if you can pop some headache pills, find a hot water bottle and get as much water down you as poss!
I'm afraid you might be like me and suffer from feeling cold all the while on vlcd. The sicky feeling does go though and loosing weight is worth being a bot cold for
The sickness should wear off soon. The cold stayed with me all the way through, wrap yourself up snuggly and warm. Someone once said to me that your body has to work harder when you are cold so just think of the fact that you will be burning evening more calories!!

Hang in there!


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