Feeling cold or what.


Need help
Hi ya, :)

One of the things that I am finding hard to get used to since losing the weight is the cold.

Today I haven't really warmed up at all. I am finding that my feet and hands are permantly cold. Has anyone else experienced this as I thought it was only going to be while I was on Sole Source.

Will my body aclimitise or will I need to just wear more clothes. You are all probably thinking :confused: "what a Tart."

Nick :)
It's Frrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiing!!!
I'm SSing so not sure if you will warm up. Put more clothes on!! I've invested in a thermal vest! ;)
Me too, am so cooooooooooooooooooooold.

We had some hail earlier on today and the temp is plummeting so the weather is not helping at all.

Since starting CD, I have bought a giant throwover, and now at night sit under it to get all snuggly and warm. :D :D :D :D. With just my nose peeping out!! LOL

Funny thing is now hubby and the puddies want some of it too! brrrrr!! :eek: So its a fight to get the furry throwover.

Roll on summer! :)
I'm still waiting to cool down!

That didn't come out right. What I mean is, I'm overweight and get overheated all the time. Even now I rarely have my heating on and shopping is a pain with all the stores heated. I'm hoping when I'm thinner I'll cool down!!
Same here, socks, jumper, coat .. sitting on top of the radiator .. just cant get warm at all.
I'm still quite hot ;)

Have allowed the family to close the windows now. They can't wait until I let them have the heating on. Who needs to buy Christmas presents when I can surprise them with the joys of the central heating on Christmas day :D
Hi Nick

I think it's the low carbs when I was away the other week and indulging significantly on Carbs I warmed up hugely. Luckily I have yet to get back to the 'cold to the core' feeling since then even though I am being a very good girl and leaving those carbs alone.

Keeping my fingers crossed it lasts.

Dizzy x
i never used to feel the cold at all, people would coment on the fact i wasn't wrapped up, but since SSing i've really noticed how cold i am getting, didn't know why, but its obviously something to do with the diet !
iam cold today but i thought it was because its frezzing outside lol
Even though I am cold I am gratefull that I haven't got the flu as everyone at work seems to be dying.:)

Nick :p
Although I hate that cold to the core feeling. It does make me feel even more lean! Which is rather nice!

Dizzy x