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Feeling cold


has started again!!
I just cannot get used to feeling the cold all the time. I have always been the one person in a room who said, "NO its not cold! Why have we got the heating on??" My feet very occasionally felt cold, but now its socks in bed every night, woolly jumpers and very cold hands all the time.

Is this likely to be permanent? I guess its an LL side effect, much like the permanent battle I now have with constipation. (which was another thing I have NEVER suffered before!!)

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escaping the fat
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Its the only downside, this blooming cold. Going to bed in jammies, socks and with a hot water bottle and its supposed to be SPRING. Still the rsults are worth any discomfort arent they?


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
And im not even going there with the pooh situation!!!
When people ask me what the worst thing about LL is I always say that it is feeling cold all the time. That is the one thing I really hate. I have spent the last 5 months surrounded by blankets, heaters and hot water bottles. I even have a single duvet that now permantely lives on my sofa at home and work have bought me a convector heater for my office. My hands and feet and nose are always stone cold and sometimes I get so cold it actually hurts...

Whinge over..

Not long now anyway.. I CANT WAIT TO BE WARM!!
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Yes I'm cold all the time too. I am usually boiling in bed feet suck out window open that kind of thing . Last night I was literally shivering in bed with thick nightie duvel big bed spread and a blanket ! My husband has re-treated to the spare room, which isa kind of a bonus cause he snores like a wart hog! Just keep telling yourself it means you are burning fat, thats what I do. cheers me up a bit.
X c


has started again!!
My husband has re-treated to the spare room, which is a kind of a bonus cause he snores like a wart hog!
X c
My husband told me I used to snore really badly too, he resorted to ear plugs and occasionally sleeping in the loft room! (not actually a bedroom, more of a junk room with airbed!)

The good news is that apparently, 2.5 stone lighter and I no longer snore at all!! Well, it wasnt one of my goals but its got t o be a benefit!!

I know what you mean about blankets etc. I wear a long nightie, socks, heavy winter duvet, sometimes sleep in my lovely, thick winter dressing gown too!! Now the sun is out, and I (who is usually bare foot all the time at home) am wearing thick socks, slippers, long sleeve top and thick woolly pully!! How sad!!

Does it change once we rejoin the human race, I wonder!!!LOL

:hitthefan::hitthefan:DON'T I WISH.....

Cherry Plum

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I always feel cold too, at work the heating was always on & I walked around in a teeshirt all through the winter, now I'm wearing jumpers/jackets etc.

I go to bed in my bedclothes, socks & a warm fleece, even though my OH is just like a hot water bottle!

I'm hoping that I too stop snoring, because the kids in the next room can hear me.

I've started taking psyillium husks for the 'poo' thing, just gotta make sure you don't go to far that day & the next.
Feelin Cold

I know what you mean about the cold, I was once the one that said "Bloody hell its hot in here" not any more even my little son is moaning coz the heating is on I think well if I'm cold he must be freezing, so more blankets and full jammies for bed for him (poor thing). All I know is once I'm thin it won't matter if I'm cold my big hunky man will be able to wrap his arms around me (and they'll fit) so he can keep me warm. Think about.:hug99: all those lovely cuddles we will get,;) :bliss:
I'm so glad I'm not the only one!:)

But am not happy to hear it doesn't wear off!! 5 months of feeling cold!!?? Bloody hell!!

Like lots of people have said, I'm used to always being too hot. I'm always the one complaining about the air con not working in the summer but this morning I was sat here with 4 layers on and still felt cold!

Another side effect is rings. I got married last July. my fingers have lost weight and then with being cold as well get even smaller and my wedding ring now feels like it will fall off sometimes! I've had to buy another little silver ring to wear in front of it to stop it falling of!!!

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