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feeling crap


nearly there!! :)
:cry:eek:k im having a bloody crappy day!!
thinking of food ALL day have not went to reach for anything, but cause im feeling so emotional i keep looking round!!
its just been a LONG day!! have been at home all day wasnt to bad this morning then lunch time came and i just got soooooo down!!

have been hungry then but didnt wanna have my shakes to early so just rode it out.
little lad has been kinda acting up the last hour, cause hes tired.
and now i just burst into tears over it all:cry: , and have cramps in my stomach!! :sigh:

sorry dont mean to bring anyone down just hate feeling like this.
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Aww hugs hun, you're doing so well sticking to it, I know when I felt like that the other day you know kids playing up and general crappiness I had an early night and felt so amzing and so proud of myself the morning after for sticking to it!

Hope you feel better soon.

Emma xXx


nearly there!! :)
thanks hunni xxx
oh theres no way im giving in might head to bed as soon as oh comes back no point in staying up and feeling like this!!
Lol you're as stubborn as me then :) and I'm sojealous you're a size 12 :p

Emma xXx
Sorry to hear ur feelin crappy. hope it passes soon - bed will help I'm sure. U r such an inspiration to newbies like me and your posts r always positive and supportive of others. So hugz'n' stuff. Here's to 2moz

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Aww Catz,

Go to bed with a book/magazine, hot water bottle, coffee, flavoured drink or shake & stay there until you feel better.

We all need to remember that on this diet we have to look after ourselves more than we have ever done, listen to what your body is telling you, if you are tired go to bed, if you feel like crap do something nice to make you feel better.

Tomorrow is another day & you will feel so much better.


nearly there!! :)
thank u emma oh an ull be in 12's in no time its such a wonderful feeling xxx

andy, thank u for the cuddle really needed it, and im so proud for getting through yesterday, sometime this diet seems the easiest thing ever but on days like that u realise how hard it really is!! xxx

brumchic - thank u :) and im sure ull fly through it, the weeks just seem to pass really quick cant believe im half way through week 11!

cherryplum - i went and read my book lol!! tried make a really nice shake, but thought it was vanilla i was making and only put 100 ml of water in it, it was really banana....god it was so thick!! ewwww!! teach me to watch what im at!! lol

ls -itd have to be water for me dont like tea or coffee lol!!! or i know there is loadsa stuff id drink on a night like that...but dont think i should start on a role bout them lol!! oh yum haha
thanks though hunni, and i def did a lot of it last night haha once oh left (he was heading out) i had one more BIG cry then decided enough was enough and stopped!! haha

well oh came home and when he did i just burst into tears...and once i started i just couldnt stop!!lol think he was def getting worried cause everytime he looked at me id go again ha!!
bless him though he really tried, gave me money for myself this week, is bringing me cinema tonight if we can get a babysitter, and is bringing me shopping to dublin next sun (hell have a big pay cheque next week lol)
im still feeling headachey and sick in the stomach so think i prob am coming down with something, but the babs is going off for a couple of hours so ill lie on the couch and read!!

like i said already though it just makes u see that u really have to deal with the whole emotional side of stuff cause if i had been in rtm i dont know if i can honestly say i wouldnt have pigged out.
ok i prob of wouldnt cause i felt so sick.....but...!!!
Actually thats another days post haha


nearly there!! :)
he has been brill i really owe him so much for the support he is giving me spec when i know at the start and possibly still now that he doesnt particulary (?) like vlcd. not once has he said anything bad bout it, and seeing his face when i put on clothes now is worth 10times more than a bar of choc any day!!
had a couple of lazy hours in bed there with him and when i went to get up he told me ive to stay where i am, and got me my bottle of water, phone and laptop!! lol!! so im lying in bed for another while!!

ls i think im the same, really think i ate cause i was overweight, so although i do worry bout going back to the way i was i know that now ive lost the weight, im not depressed bout my weight, and hopefully im breaking free from the circle!!

its such a learning experience lol!!


nearly there!! :)
i dunno ive been trying to think of something for the last couple of days what to do!! the card is a good idea...ill keep my thinking cap on for another couple of day haha

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Catz, I'm so glad you got through it & had a good cry, that can make you feel so much better.
What a sweetie your oh is, mine would not even think about how he could cheer me up!
I like to leave little notes round the house and in his briefcase and suit jackets for hubby to find to show him how much I appreciate everything.

Emma xXx


nearly there!! :)
cherryplum he is an absolute star, i really have nothing but praise for him, and hes really sick today (not drink related lol) and he went sleep for couple of hours so when he woke and i asked was he still bringing me cinema, (thinking hed say no) said yep!! nice ta see hes not just all talk!!

thank u andy, feel so good bout getting threw it :)

emma, i was thinking the same usually i write him a big letter, so thinking of that!! or maybe ill just have a big heart to heart!! lol

thanks everyone for the support xxx
Glad to hear that you're feeling better and that you've got over yesterday. You can feel so elated on this diet and then there are days when you cry for no reason and go to bed very early. I think bed is a great place when you feel crap, warm and cozy and you wake up and it's another day. Much better than turning to food!

Glad to hear that your wonderful OH is supporting you, what a star.

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