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Feeling deflated my sis on cambridge

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I have never done cambridge but from what I gather its the one where you literally don't eat at first, having supplimented drinks in placement then food is re-introduced?? Am I right??

If I am, then I would see it as this - yes she will loose weight, anybody would doing that, BUT with SW you are re-educating yourself on how & what foods to eat. You will be having a nice steady loss that is a life time change, not a quick fix.

Your body will be reeping the benifits of weight loss, so don't be deflated, be proud of what you are doing x x
Meal replacement diets are not sustainable in the long term. SW is something you can do for ever - an eating plan for life.

By comparing yourself with your sister you are making yourself miserable for no good reason. You are you, and SW is a decision you have made for yourself, and you know it works.
In my old WW group, a lady had done Cambridge and said her hair had started falling out because of it! And then when she stopped she immediately put all the weight back on.
I was just going to say the same thing Tinsel81 - these diets are great until you literally can't take anymore deprivation and you stop and then put it all back on!

doing SW will be better long run i'm sure, but i understand it's hard when you feel like you're lagging behind.

Chin up x
I can imagine it's really difficult hun, but try not to compare yourself to your sister. You're both doing COMPLETELY different eating (or not in the case of your sis) plans and they will have differing results.

You have to focus on what you achieve, and I don't doubt for one second, if you stick to SW, that in a year's time, you'll be in a much better position weight wise than your sister.

I did Exante (a VLCD) before coming back to SW, and lost 1.5 stone in about 6 weeks. They are extremely hard diets to follow, so if your sister is sticking to it, then good on her!

I only did it to give my losses a kick start and to get back to a weight where I felt more comfortable to tackle the rest of my weight loss.

Try not to compare your losses to your sister's, she will most probably find losing that weight very difficult, and if she see's you losing weight steadily and eating well, she may well switch when she's had enough of her VLCD.

With VLCD's, as with any diet, you will ONLY put weight back on if you return to your old eating habits. I maintained my weight for the whole of december after coming off my diet, and only put on a few lbs between christmas and new year. All VLCD's promote returning to healthy eating and have a phased re-introduction of food to ensure you are eating a normal, healthy balanced diet, but in reality a lot of people lose weight and return to eating without going through this phase, so never learn the lessons which are available about healthy eating.

It will be hard to see your sister losing weight quickly, but it's not a race. To follow a VLCD I found I had to suspend a lot of normal activities to avoid temptation, whereas on SW you can lose weight healthily and have a normal life while you do.

You will get to your target, it doesn't matter how long it takes!
I should also point out that after the initial few weeks good losses with a VLCD, they drop to about 3lbs a week - it's perfectly possible to achieve weekly losses like that on SW without having to live off vile soups and shakes! (that's why i'm back on this plan!!)
hi im on lipotim no food what so ever and dont agree withgettingthinner as this diet helps you realise your weakness i know now i use to basically eat crap from 6pm onwards now i dont when you reach your goal weight you then refeed this starts you off with a whole new way of eating as you have no cravings for the old food its all new and as many do chocs ect are too sweet to like now so thats always good, but anyhow a diet in any case is hard work but needs must and all good luck stick to it
And then when she stopped she immediately put all the weight back on.
If she did then thats cos she went back to her old eating habits. There are people on SW who have done well then put the weight back on, thats no reflection on the diet its down to the person doing it

I was just going to say the same thing Tinsel81 - these diets are great until you literally can't take anymore deprivation and you stop and then put it all back on!
Thats not true. If you actually look around Minimins there are dozens and dozens of people who have lost weight on CD etc and have kept it off. Its just as successful as any other diet.. I can assure you that its blooming hard doing a VLCD I know Im not putting myself through this to pile it all back on again.
I have done cambridge and i would never do it again because its the most unsociable diet I have ever done. While on it i was constantly hungary and depressed and absolutly sick of the taste of cambridge shakes (some of them had a very nasty taste). SW is way more better and the weightloss is a lot more sustainable. All the weight i lost with cambridge i put on back very quickly after i started eating normally and with sw i have been off and on plan and not gained a lot x Long term you will be better of with sw xx
FNM - dont compare yourself with your sister. Youre doing well... the diets are so totally different theyre not comparible at all. Yes her losses will be quicker but look at all the stuff youre getting to eat. VLCDs arent for everyone, it was a last resort for me personally, and yes the losses are fantastic but taking the slow route is just as good ;)
Have to agree with other comments I have tried lipotrim and cambridge and it was torture for me I had horrible headaches, tired yes it did get easier after the first few days, then came the smelly breath, I had to stop doing a lot of my socializing because obvs I wasn't eating.

My friend did it and was very successful and yes I was envious of her, but I know she had to have enormous willpower and abstinence and it was a long and very tough journey for her, I say well done to anyone who can stick to a vlcd but I for one would rather lose the weight steadily and without the torture.

Vcld's aren't for everyone, try and focus on your goals, rather than looking at your sister because there are a lot of negative's on a vcld yes losing a stone a month is great but the feeling of deprivation and having to re-feed put me off, I know my friend still uses vcld every now and then to keep her weight controlled, not sure I would want to be doing that very often
Ive did the cambridge diet in 2008 and lost 5 stone is as many months. I felt great, was a size 10-12 (previously an 18) but as soon as i started eating again, my bad habits returned and i put all the weight back on and more. It was a quick fix diet, which made me quite ill,
plus it is very expensive!
SW is far better. Ive learnt to cook foods healthier, from scratch, adapt meals that arent SW friendly and mostly ive learnt you can have everything in moderation. Im changing my eating habits forever because of SW. It make take longer to get to goal but it will be worth it.

Dont worry about your sister, your doing it the healthy safe way. you will do great xxx
Keep cheerful! :D You were looking forward to your weigh in, so why should that change just because another person is doing a VLCD. You have chosent the diet you feel is right for you. You can still achieve good losses, especially if you add exercise into the SW diet.

I lost 1 stone in 4 weeks on SW in my first month, so it can be done!

Just keep looking forward to your weigh in, that's whats important!! You've been good all week, i bet your loss will be brilliant :D:D:D
Please dont feel deflated.
I think its just a case of re-education.
My husband has done the CD lots a few times and each time, yes, he's had good weight loss, but then when he has come off the plan, the weight (and more has gone back on).
He always used the CD as a quick fix before going on holidays.
He has now joined me on SW and has finally realised he needs to look long term, rather than losing a couple of stone within a few wks.
Wishing you lots of luck


I did CD for one on off year and gained and lost the same stone. In one year on SW I lost 5 stone.

CD is a very hard plan to follow in my opinion and it made me ill almost passing out trying to go the toilet with my bp dropping so low.

I just couldn't handle it, but some people can and they don't all put the weight back on, but you have to see it through to the end and go through the proper stages.

For me SW is the way to go I just wished I found it sooner.

If it helps think about the tortoise and the hare, or slowly slowly catchey monkey. :D

You can do it on this plan and enjoy the benefits of re-educating yourselkf in the meantime.


Its horses for courses.

You do what diet/eating plan suits you, and its your losses not anyone elses.

I've done Cambridge, and Slimming world and I would say at times I've found both hard in different ways.

Anyway it doesn't matter which road you take, its the fact you get to the end that matters. :)
She started last Monday and has lost 9lbs and has been told she can expect to loose a stone a month.
I can only dream of that and am 3 stone heavier than her. :( just was looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow and now I ain't. :(

Thing is though hun how long can she keep that diet up for? :eek:
She might lose alot of weight to start with because she is not having much from doing an extreme diet plan.

With Slimming World you lose weight slowly but keep it off and that's because it's not a diet it's just a healthier eating plan.

Just think in 5-10 years time you could still be at target and eating massive meals like roast dinners, spag bol, curries etc and where will your sister be?
I can't see her still following her diet living off soup & milkshakes!

Good luck for weigh in.
Love Stacey xxxx
hi, nothing else to add to the great advice already given, just wanted to say chin up, and, good luck for weigh-in;)
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