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feeling great!!

hey guys

well day one went fab didnt feel hungry one bit (hate feeling hungry) lol filled up on that much water was running loo all nyt :( going to go to asda today get lots of free foods and super speed foods one thing i have given up (for now) is bread so im struggling to think what i could have as my hexb:confused: breads my worst nightmare i could eat it with everything so i think if bread goes il feel less bloated and loose more weight any advice would be much appreciated :D

so today i have started with:

breakfast:egg and bean omelette cooked in fry lite very filling and a apple.

tbc :)
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One day at a time, one step at a time
Good morning Clair. Sounds like a good start to the day :D

I often use my hexb for

2 x alpen light choccie fudge bars (so yummy)
or for breakfast, ie 2 weetabix, porridge that kind of thing as usually I too avoid bread.

Hope you have another successful day today :)


Pea on legs!
Hi Clair - I see you have your own diary - yay!

I was a complete bread-o-holic before I started SW. Now, I don't eat it at all!

I use my HEXB for cereal in the morning - I never used to eat breakfast, but now I couldn't be without it! I don't like milk, so I have Allbran, porridge oats or Crunchy Bran with fat free yoghurt and chopped fruit - yum!

I've also used my HEXB for Alpen lights, or Kellogg's Fibre Plus bars, if I need to grab and go in the morning!

Good luck on your SW journey! x
good morning ladies thanks for the tips im going to nip to asda soon so i can stock up on variety the prob i had last time i did sw was i seemed to eat same stuff day in day out so this time im going start as i mean to go on and make different foods etc have a great day

clair xxxxxxx
so iam back again lol :)

dinner:2 chicken fillets cooked in oven, mash with teaspoons of flora lite loads of carrots peas sweetcorn cauli broc with gravy ( only a splash)

tea:tuna with new pots salad

hexa:250ml semi skimmed milk
hexb:will use that later

hehe thanks jackie yh i forgot bacon today damn lol and (totally of subject) cheese iam bit wairy of that as i love cheese primula is my fav lol im scared of using it how much can you have on hexa ?i cn find my books :~( xx
hey guys well todays gone great so far so good lol even been out for a stroll with my mum enjoy the weather :)

breakfast:loads of mixed fruit in natural yogurt fat free and a mullerlight

dinner:jacket potatoes with 2 laughing cow triangles and beans and lots of salad

going try some of the potatoes and oinion tortillas from the sw book its something pick at and its free iam also going do a sw quiche first time :)

il check back later enjoy rest of your day clair xxx
iam back lol
just had tea iam stuffed had sw quiche was lovely with lots of salad and a can of 7up free your prob wondering where my syns are lol i have about 4 cups of tea a day with two sugars :p cnt drink tea without sugar im trying not to have anything else with syns in as im not able to work them out im off lake district monday so didnt want join a group and book a holiday straight away as i need my hols for september when i go to carribean :) but i really needed make a change so im trying my best to follow sw from here for time been waffling over lol hope u all had a great day xx
just thought i wud pop in and update my diary so here goes:

breakfast today is bacon mushroom omelette yummy was lovely better in fry light as you dont get all the yucky oil taste :)
and a mullerlight should keep me good till this afternoon.

dinner:iam going to make the potatoe and oinion tortilla from sw book with salad. and il pop back in to update tea as iam not sure yet what to have.

clair xxx
oh and just off the subject how do i add a weight ticker too my profile do u no plzz :)
Hi :D
Just read through your diary and your menu's sound lovely esp the sw quiche!

If you click on the weight ticker in my signature it will take you to the site and you make your own... It will then give you a code that you copy and paste into your signature strip when you edit signature. I hope that helps :)


Starting Again
i love cheese primula is my fav lol im scared of using it how much can you have on hexa ?i cn find my books :~( xx
I'm pretty sure that 1 full tube of Primula Light (in the light blue tube) is equal to 1 HeA.

Hope that helps! We use it on pasta, veg and lots of other things.

I've also had to give up bread, but I'm not missing it at all.

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