Feeling grotty.


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Feeling really sick and woozy today and last night. Thought nausea might be due to LL water flavour last night but still feel the same this morning.

Am on day 5 of SS, really can't face any foodpacks at the mo. The thought of the soups is dreadful but I might try a shake for lunch. Aaaaaggghh!!:eek:
((((hugs))))) oh its so horrid when it's like this.. all I can say is that I found the following very helpful..

sip water don't drink in gulps

lie down on your back and close your eyes for a while

try to think of something else - watch a film or read a book to preoccupy your mind

when you do have your drink knock it back as quick as you can without smelling it so that your brain doesn't associate the smell with nausea

Really hope you feel MUCH better very soon hun

Take care
Thanks Jennie, having had to quit LL after being ill and no longer being able to keep packs down I just panicked that similar might be happening now. Will get bars tomorrow and just shakes for a week I think. The hugs helped:) thank you soo much.
You are so welcome, I know exactly how you are feeling and it's wretched!

Have you tried making the "muffin" recipe with one of your shake packs? I find it makes it all far more palitable. icemoose has a load of recipes on here somewhere..

I'm off to the Dr now and am out the rest of the afternoon into the evening (my first weigh in) but when I get home I'll try and find you the recipe.

Also - I love the peanut bar (frozen first) it's scrummy! As is the Cranberry one too. Far more like "real food" and I think that's something I need my brain to accept! LOL

Take care hun, I'll check in on you later xx
I felt the same in my 1st few days. Then day 4 I felt a lot better. Good Luck x