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Feeling happy, long


I have had a bit of a rough weekend food wise, I have stuck to plan and not cheated at all but I have been rather down about the hole thing. I went to a organics farm on Sat and the assistant was really helpfull and chatty and was showing us all the products. My mouth was watering and I couldnt try anything. Brought some stuff for the family and felt really cheated when we got home I skipped lunch and took the dogs out while they ate. I shouldnt of gone obvioulsy not ready for that yet.

Yesterday I was still down and really couldnt face another soup made a shake up for my tea and the lids didnt work properly and it went everywere, I chucked in the sink and stormed of with my glass of water to watch the telly. I only had one pack yesterday as I just couldnt face them.

I was really thinking about giving in. I asked my self if eating was more important than being thin. At the time I thought not. But I didnt give in I stuck to it.

Today I am feeling more positive again. I have slept on it and feel yes I do love my food but it is running/ruining my life. Yes I want to be thin and when I do that I can eat all the organic meat I want and hopefully by then I will be incontrol of my eating. I am doing so well it would be a shame to waste it because I know if I stop I will go on a allmighty binge and those 20 pounds will be back on in now time and then how will I feel.

Went to work and a friend, the only person I have told came in and she said she saw a huge difference on me. Iam looking so much better. I look like i have lost heeps of weight and my skin is looking so much healthier and has a nice glow about it. That cheared me up. I havnt told my two work collegues but I have said casually I have been on a diet. During the conversation I was telling them about the organics farm and mentioned I couldnt try anything because of my diet. One of them asked how much I had lost so I said and laughed no one had noticed. She said they had all noticed and it had been commented on but no one wanted to say anything to me as I obviously didnt want to talk about it.

I felt so much better after that. I really felt a huge weight had been taken of my shoulders.

I have come home and had a choclote shake but instead of having it cold I have made it with boiling water and added a tablet sweetner and it was lovely. I am now away to take the dogs for a nice long walk and hopefully work of some more pounds.

If anyone esle is feeling down dont give into it you will regret it.

Will some one please remind me of this when I am at rock bottom again :)
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Sometimes the ups and downs on this diet - surprise even the most "jaded" of us long termers.
Like you said - if you can just white knuckle your way through the "I want to jack it in right now" moments - before you know it you are flying high again.
It is an amazingly confusing diet - but the best thing to do is just hold on and try to enjoy the ride.
So glad you are feeling better today - it is awful when you feel so deprived - but you are making huge strides towards a healthier and happier life - you will be there in no time believe me!


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hi hun,

we've all had down days but they are very far and few between, like me you are fairly new in starting and you will feel much better and more energised.

You have done the right thing by airing your low feelings on minimims, we all understand how you feel and are here to lift your spirits, you are doing so well and will continue to with fast great results.



likes posting.
Wow you are amazing! well done for working through it, its paid off. I have had times like you too, but i keep telling myself im only doing this once.I think its a good idea too write it down on here as we all know how you feel.You are never alone.Go girl, you can do it.

In the weeks to come your counsellor will talk lots about dealing with the bad days, like you had on Saturday, well done for getting through it and fighting back by yourself. Keep saying nothing tastes as good as slim feels, that's my favourite. Treat yourself to a stick blender, Asda under a fiver, less messy than using the shaker - doesn't burn a many calories tho'.

You're doing great.
Well done for staying strong. And the memory of your determination,honesty with colleagues etc will carry you through later on.

Keep going and so glad you feel better.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

thanks I am so glad I didnt give in at the weekend. I am looking forward to going back to the organic farm and filling the freezer but i am already thinking healthier meals and smaller ones.
I took the dogs for a really long walk yesterday and had a good think to myself as I did. I want to change the way we eat in my house. For so long we havent thought about what we eat so I think I will look more into the organic and freerange line. When I have my new healthier body I want to look after it. I have two kids I want to do the best for to.

Class tonight and I am looking forward to seeing how much I have lost. I am not really bothered about what the scale says as I always think it is how you look not how much you have lost but hearing you have had a good loss is a great boost.

Thanks again for all the kind words they really help

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