Feeling light headed


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Hi All

I'm on day 13. I've been hungry last few days and today feel extremely tired dispite a great nights sleep and i feel really light headed and everything feels really heavy....just lifting my arm up for instance.
Has anybody else felt like this?

Christina x

ps. Tummy and head had a fight yesterday over a chicken ceasar wrap in petrol station. I was looking at calories and carbs and thinking if i dont have any packs today it's just the same and also that no one else would know i had cheated. I got as far as till before i came to my senses and my head won! So glad i didn't cheat cos i would only be cheating me! and it's because of eating 500 calorie crap like that that i'm doing this damn thing. I'm so proud of myself for putting it back.
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Hi Christina,

I felt like this the first couple of weeks so you are not alone!
Avoid hot baths and showers as these cause a sudden increase in BP which can make you dizzy.
Stuff that Chicken wrap!
They are disgusting anyway and you don't need them, anyway who wants bird flu? :p


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I felt the same Christina - around the same time too! but I'm a week ahead of you and have loads more energy now - in fact yesterday I went for long walk to get the papers instead of taking the car - so chuffed. Then went back for another short walk later - unheard of!

well impressed with putting back the chicken wrap - you are a star. You must be so proud of yourself.

hang in there!:D


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i think it takes at least 3 weeks to get into the zone properly. u have done amazingly well. i had the same kinda thing happen where i run away from a til cos i was about to buy loads of junk so i know what kinda strength it took for you to put it back. it aint easy but u did it!!

absolutely fanastic on the committment to ur journey. well done!!

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Hi CHristina

I had the same kind of dizzy spells too. I also went through a spout of only eating three of my four packs and and after a couple of weeks was feeling headachy and dizzy. I would say follow your body's instincts. If you feel a bit dizzy and out of sorts then rest. When your energy levels pick up you'll have plenty of time to be active.


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Does anyone have any recipe ideas for LL packs. I have made ice cream.



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pokerstar, what a star you are for putting that wrap back. I hope you wrote that down as an acheivement and that you had a non food reward for being so strong, well done again hun.

I feel similar to how you do sometimes but it is definately getting better as the weeks go on.

good luck babe xxxx


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I did not do any preparation work the week before and went cold turkey onto SSing and it took me three weeks to have my energy level come back up.

Try not over do things and drink your water regular throughout the day and don't miss your packs as it does have an effect if you keep missing the odd one out. You need all your packets each day and your water.

When you get up from sitting or lying down take your time.

Love Mini xxx
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I went on a long walk today and felt light headed after about an hour (still do a bit!) Also have had the runs a bit today- I wonder if the two are related?

There could be a couple of reasons for the runs...

1. When you change your diet regardless of diet you will have a change in bowel movement, but it will settle down.

2. If your having runny stools you can add firbre clear which you can get in the chemist or firbre 89 from your CDC which will help bulk out the stools and it is also good for constipation. 1 teaspoonful a day. It is tasteless and you can add it to your hot or cold drinks.

3. There is a small chance you could be lactose intolerant, in that case you ask your CDC for lactose-free Cambridge Diet which is available in selected flavours.

Love Mini xxx