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Feeling miserable, some positive vibes would be grateful received :)

Hi everyone. Sorry to be a depressing bore but I'm trying to get my head settled a bit. I have lost just over 5 stone in the last year and have around 12 pounds to lose to get to my goal. Have been really focussed since xmas and lost a few stray gained pounds.

I have just had 3 days of difficulty though. I have had a couple of meals out, and whilst I have been much better than I would have been this time a year ago and chose healthier, lower point options...I have gone massively over my points values and struggling to stick to the 18 points a day. I'm 5ft 4ins, have a sedentary job and am 28 (currently I weigh 10st 6.5lbs). I walk for about an hour most days. I'm about a point under what I think I should be but I find this very difficult to stick to. Does anyone have any suggestions to get me feeling a bit more upbeat. Would be grateful everyone, thank you :)
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i'm really not one to help - i struggle with my weight and it's far far higher than yours, plus i get a lot more points so i've never tried to keep to those low numbers.

All i'd say though is that you've got to find a balance between enjoying life and keeping your weight down. i know some people for example keep it very low on some days and then have more on others - that way you feel that the finer things of life haven't been totally removed from you.

must say now that i'm really not the one to help you with this. i also suspect that a lot of exercise is how other people cope.

i do hope that you start to feel happier about all of this. there's always people here to help

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Hi Kaalin, sorry to hear you are struggling a bit.

I'm also on 18 points and you are right that some days it just feels like you are eating nothing.

I was flirting with the idea of weekly points - Lydia did it (does it?) and it still seems to work. That way it might seem like a bit more freedom.

Are you eating your activity points? If you are walking an hour most days, then that should be taken into account.

The last stone to go is always the slowest apparently as your body is closer and closer to its natural equilibrium so maybe re-setting your targets as to what you want to lose each week.

Not seen any food diaries from you - but maybe making up some low or zero point food for peckish days would work. I am a soup dragon and at the weekend made a zero point vegetable curry which was gorgeous and with a WW naan bread - the whole meal was only 1.5pts - total bargain!!! It means that you can have a pretty low day to balance some of the higher days.

Stick with it. You will get to the goal.

Sending you love, hugs and positive vibes. Good luck. xx
Hi well done on your loss to date your doing marvellous chick....from my days doing weight watchers I would say keep a food diary, plan ahead as far as possible and try and go for a brisk walk in your break at work. But most of all concentrate of your loss to date your near the finishing line now and the last bit is the hardest so stick at it. Forget about over eating last week this is a new week and you will be more positive...((hug))...xx
Hello all, thank you for your replies. I am indeed much more positive today :) That comes from so far being very structured today as planned and enjoying the meals I have had. I haven't been bothered with soups for a while to be honest and it is a very good point LRO!

You are very right Saree, it is important to be able to live your life and sometimes, when you're on such low points it can be hard to stick to if you have more than one night out a week planned so I personally (like this weekend) have to give myself a mighty good talking to to say "it's a one off weekend". Weekends are always my downfall! I stick to my plan in the week but for some reason I crave things I shouldn't have at weekends. Probably due to the routine change and am less busy.

As for exercise, I do think I need to boost that a bit. Think the idea of walks in the lunch break is a very viable option.

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