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Feeling really crappy


Crawling to the finish!
I have a chest infection and cough and migraine and sore throat and I just need a virtual hug haha. Asif this diet isnt hard enough I feel utterly horrible, im in some pain :( how can I cheer myself up? Ive had a nap already so cant have early night, and Ive had a deep bath which still didnt help, what now? haha? Anything? I just cant focus on anything for very long :wave_cry:
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:hug99::hug99: :hug99:

Hope you feel better soon! How's about going to bed now and resting and getting a well early night? xx


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hot drink? book? film? online window shopping?
whatever you do, stay AWAY from the fridge! :)
what about some pampering? paint your nails, put on a face pack...


Crawling to the finish!
hey guys, loved the hug there haha I couldnt focud on a book to long my mind is wondering. I think I may gt in bed an snuggle OH (if he's interested!) Maybe lg=ight some candles and see if he will give me a massage to help me feel better hahaha I wish, he'l be stuck on his computer game all night im guessing... I hope tomorrow is more pleasant for me, I havtn even the energy to wash my hair :-( Being ill sucks!

Im not tempted at all to eat which is the good thing. I feel far too crap. Just about had all my packs. Only got 2 or 3 weeks left on SS theres just no need to make it even tougher for myself now :) xx


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wow yeah, just looked at your signature - you've done brilliantly!
well good luck with the massage plan but know what u mean with the computer game addiction. my OH has spent the last 5 days glued to the tv and his new dvd box sets!
hope you're feeling better tomorrow x


Crawling to the finish!
Its like an open relationship! I just always come 2nd :-(.... haha anywho, off to bed I think to bury my head in my pillow and hope for a miracle in the morning! night night xxx


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Awwww! Hope you feel better in the morning **hugs** x
Hopefully you will be a lot better in the morning, enjoy your snuggling up to OH, and if he is willing, think of the good exercise.


I will be skinny again!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon! I got really sick during LT and nearly gave up!! but the next day i felt so much better!!! keep going chick and get better soon xxxxxxxx


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Hope your better in the morning hun! Nothing worse than being ill on LT. Huugs!
Hope you managed to get a decent nights sleep and feeling better.

You're doing so well and nearly at your goal.
Get well soon darling, I've still got the remnants of a phlemy cough from a cold I caught 10 days ago....felt really awful for a couple of days with only paracetamol to ease the symptoms....was LONGING for a lem-sip but as you know I couldn't have one!!! Only thing is because of all the water I drink, and all the gut straining coughing I've done, I've had to buy shares in Tena lady pads!!! (TOO much information there, girl....Ha! Ha!)


maintaining since June'09
LOL Sharon! :)

Hope you're feeling better today Yumy!! x



Crawling to the finish!
hey guys, I feel terrible today to :-( had the absolute worse nights sleep every, never felt pain like it....aside from labour.... haha! It hurts to drink water purely from all the coughing im doing, these antibiotics just dont seem to be working! I really couldnt handle another night like it :-( Ive just gone for a nap at 7 and never woke up until 8.30! grrr now I know Ill be up late definately! how annoying lol x
sending you lots of virtual hugs! I hope you are feeling better soon. x


Crawling to the finish!
I had a great sleep last night thanks, and now my motivation is tops again! Still a little snuffly and coughy but nothing to the first couple of days! The antibiotics must me working! Although today I have gained half a pound which is a first for the last 2 weeks....im blaming the antibiotics hehe Its only spurred me on more to drink heaps of water :) xx
Hang on in there darling, it wont be long before the antibiotics work their magic. Take it easy, and rest as much as you can. Hugs xxx


maintaining since June'09
Really pleased to hear you're on the mend! x

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