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Feeling Sick & a bit Poorly :(

hmmmmm..... ive been feeling great all day today then just when i was about to make my last shake of the day i was sick.... like violently (without going into too much information). dunno where it came from?! now i dont feel so great and i dunno if im gonna be able to manage my last shake :cry: WI is tomorrow, i hope this doesnt screw anything up!! :sigh:
has anyone else had this?? im on day 13...x
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I wouldnt worry about your last shake hun, keep up your fluids as you've been sick and have a early night ..hope you feel better soon, xx
hmmm.... just been sick again, 2nd night running. the only thing ive really drunk is black tea but normally im fine with it, have been for 2 weeks. i dunno whats causing it, one minute im fine then the next... im rushing to the loo to be sick. its not very pleasant. on the bright side i feel like ive done 100 sit ups!! i dont understand whats going on :( x
Is there any chance you could be pregnant? This for can make you very fertile. I would go and see the pharmacist and see what they think. Hope you feel better soon :) xx
not unless ive been blessed with an immaculate conception so to speak lol. ive been single for 4 years! :( i think i'll have to give the pharmacy a call on monday :( x
sorry to moan :(

so the last 2 nights ive been sick around this time but then i feel fine most of the day. well tonight ive got pains in back back which im asuming are my kidneys due to the area... well i just used a ketostix and its dark purple which from what ive read on here means im dehydrated.... but ive already had all 3 shakes and over 3 litres of water. what am i doing wrong?? its like my body had started turning against me and is rejecting LT... its really getting me down and ive stayed 100% so far and i dont wana break it. im lost at the moment. i feel so good in the day and then it all goes downhill :eek:


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Are you sipping the water throughout the day, or drinking lots in one go? Are you back and forth to the loo constantly? It could be the water is going straight through. Try and sip constantly this evening, and maybe tomorrow too, and if no better have a word with pharmacy and/or GP even. Hope you feel better soon hun xx
yeah im taking little sips through the day but i havent really been to the loo much today, normally im running back and forth every 5 minutes. its sooo frustrating :( thanks Jayne. its just ive really been struggling the last 3 days and this is just making matters worse. i do have an appointment with the GP tomorrow for something else so i may just mention it and see what he says x


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hiya, i would mention it hun it might be nothing but it might be a water infection, but better to be safe than sorry i guess...i'm not on LT but have been before just tryin to pluck up the courage to try again. well done on your weight loss so far too its fantastic x
thanks Kelly.... i'll definately be checking it out tomorrow. i was gonna take some painkillers but im not sure if thats a good idea or not. im feeling a bit down and frustrated with it at the moment. :( x


Fighting for My Health
Yes, that's true, could be a water infection! That would make you feel pretty rotten, pain in kidneys, etc. Def mention it to GP tomorrow and get your water tested - take a sample with you ;) xx
Hey Hun, sorry 2 hear Ur not well, wen I read Ur 1st post I thought that d vomiting bug, as I've just had it myself n it's goin around. But it seems 2 b goin on 2 long now. Maybe a kidney infection. Hopefully it's not d LT turning against u. I'm sure u do feel down n that's understandable. Pls let's no Wat d doc says.

Big hugs,
thanks Jayne & Lorraine. im gona try and get some sleep - not sure how much im gonna get but its worth a try. hopefully i'll feel better in the morning and this will go away so i can get on with plan "get slim" :) xx

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