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Feeling SO rough today :(


Determind dieter :D
I'm feeling so rough today its untrue :( don't actually why.

Keep feeling utterly sick and stood up this morning and passed straight out :(

I was 100% yesterday and drank 4 litres as normal and today I'm suffering big time. Not sure if it was due to the blip on monday? Really feeling rather scary today and completely out of sorts :(

So much so that I've cancelled my dogs for today which if you know me is TOTALLY unlike me. I didn't feel safe enough to drive let alone be incharge or scissors :(

I'm sorry for the whiney post but just don't know what's wrong :( and feeling sorry for myself. My OH and I are now wondering whether this is perhaps why he had his collapse on monday?? whether its a virus were both fitting? Dunno but feeling awful....any suggestions to perk myself up gladly welcome x x x
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Sounds like a virus honey but perhaps give your pharmacist a shout? I did have one day where I was similar and had like a vision blackout but it was because it was midday had got up late not had my shakes yet and was having a hot shower which was too much for my system to handle?
Best bet would be to get it checked out hun, not worth playing with your health. On another point i often suffer with light headedness on this plan due to low blood pressure. I just take it easy as possible and stand up slowly. Hope you feel better soon.


Determind dieter :D
Thanks peeps x I've got an app with the nurse on friday to chat to her and will mention about this and get a general check up whilst I'm there :) x x x


Determind dieter :D
Feeling a bit better today ...think your right Mrs JK ...probably a virus ...I'd been having ear ache last week which would explain the dizzyness :( but just upped my water intake and today I'm feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. Not passing out when I stand up so that's a bonus :D x x x

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