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Feeling stressed this morning :(

Am on 810 this week and have stuck to it 100%....and yet this morning I weigh 2 lbs more than yesterday morning.I am so upset.I keep telling myself it's only water but what if it isn't?What if I really am gaining weight on 810?Add to that the fact that my friend keeps cheating and has lost every week so far and I'm not in a good mood this morning :(
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The Diet Guy

I promise you that you can't put on 2 pounds of fat when having 810 calories. Promise with bells on ;-)

Therefore it must either be water or another factor.

I have worked with loads of clients and still never met one who does 810 properly and doesn't get slim so never doubt yourself.

You are doing fantastic and remember this is about the long term so the short term hassle and upset is SO worth it in the end.

Go for it

Thanks Mike...I know logically it can't be fat, but thislittle voice in my head keeps going "what if it is fat?what if you're the only person to gain weight on so few calories?what if you can't ever have more than 500 cals or you'll gain weight?"I still have so far to go to be a healthy BMI, and I've already had a week where I stayed the same.I don't want another one :(


The Diet Guy
It can't be fat ;-) it would be impossible.

And well done on the 68 pounds!! Brilliant

Eyes on the prize now ;-)

Hi guys,
Icemoose, this scares me a bit. I mean, i know that 810 calories cant put fat on but why does it happen to so many people? Is it just an adjustment period?....I wont go on to 810 in week 12 if this is going to happen to me.I take my weekly WI with a pinch of salt but bi weekly I take more serious(so far so good). Will I ever be able to eat more than 500-800 calories? If not so be it, but how sad that would be. So yes, Im afraid of this happening to me too.


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Don't give up; even the people who have reached maintenance after success on CD probably had gains. You've lost 68lbs so far, that is an amazing achievement. You will lose on CD- you are proof of that :) so carry on. It's probably just water retention.
Have a look at all the maintainers on the sites, read their weight loss stats and looka t their blogs....
Everyone has body adjustment periods....
It really is all about our demons playing mind tricks with us...
Like Mike said... trust the diet and trust yourself...
Rose you are doing phenominally well you are another who is so inspiring to me, you will absolutely get there!!!
Take a breath and relax :) And ignore what that bl***y friend of yours is doing :D

Tilly you made me cry!!I have literally no self esteem and to think I am inspiring you is just unbelievable to me.


is going to do this!
Polish Rose, believe in yourself :) You have done so much already, this diet can and will work for you. You only need to look around on here to see other people who all have the same eating habits and worries and fears - and yet so many manage to lose the weight they wanted and maintain it. There is no reason why you should be any different :)
I know sometimes it is hard to believe this is happening, and I know with me at least that sometimes you feel that with the great losses you've had so far, you perhaps don't deserve any more and don't expect them to come. But they will, because you've worked bloody hard and earnt it!

Yesterday morning, my scales showed a -1lb loss from last Monday. I was devastated, but I decided to stick to it and not go on a bit eating binge and hope for the best. Today, my scales show I've lost -4lbs. I don't know how or why these things happen, but remember; when people look at you, and when you look at yourself, you don't see the numbers on the scales. You see you, and your shape and size. As long as you stick to it, the inches will go, followed by the weight. And that is what is important, not silly old body things like water rentention that play tricks on our mind.

Keep your chin up :) xxxx
Listen to Mike. Its just an adjustment a water inbalance. Definitely not fat.

Sometimes the scales can be your enemy get out the tape measure and measure your success by that.

Keep the faith you cannot fail if you stay to plan.


Optifast Girl!
Your friend that keeps cheating and says she is losing every week is either lying to you or lying to herself unless she is getting rid of the cheats i.e. throwing up or using laxatives.
Hang in there, it all balances out if you are following the diet 100% which ever plan you are on. maybe stay away from the scales for a while. imho, weight change from one day to the next is not an accurate measure, for some people it is the weight change from one week to the next that is the accurate measure.
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hey, dont be so down, you have done so amazing already. Please keep away from the pesky scales and stick to getting weighed weekly by your cdc.

Also dont be looking at your friends losses and getting yourself down. Its just not worth it. This is your journey and yours alone.

To lose 68lbs is absolutely fantastic, and yes you are inspiring others on here! Keep up the good work honey, and you will be fine xx
Thanks all-my fingers feel quite swollen today so I'm guessing it must be water retention after all.

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