Feeling Unwell


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Hi Everyone, currently on day 4 and I'm feeling so cold and lethargic! Feel like I should hibernate! (This is not good as I am a Uni Student)

Anybody else experience this in the first week? Does it get any better?

Also (sorry, TMI) i'm a little er... loose in the bowel department. Did anyone else experience that?

Sorry to moan on!

Good luck to you all :)
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Hi Tash,

Don't worry both complains are normal and tend to pass after week 1!

As for the energy I am on day 13 and I have bags of it .. But week one I just went home every evening and straight to bed .. Not very fun I know if ur in uni but it's good in one way in week1 as going to bed early helps avoid temptation!

Well done in getting to day 4 it gets easier from here in I swear!


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Hi Tash, I felt exactly the same. I am on day 7 now. It's just really started to pass now so you only have a couple of days to go.

I have not had my weigh in yet but can feel the difference already - its worth it - stick with it! X


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Hi Tash

The first few days I was really ill. Serious migraines, was sick a lot. I would just go straight to bed whenever I came home from work. I was really close to giving up - doubting if it was worth all the pain.

I'm now on day 7 and it's getting a lot easier. I haven't been to my official weigh in yet but my scales say 15lbs down so far. So it is worth it.

I have to say if it hadn't of been for the people on this forum, I'd of given up by now. So im very grateful to everyone for all of the support.

Stay strong, we help each other through it!!


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hey hun , don't worry as from approx day 5 i was feeling much better and bowel improved to, almost to the point that its the complete opposite, i am a student too and yeah i know the feeling you just want to stay in bed and act as dead as your social life is at the moment (missing out on loads at the min)I am now on my 13th day and lost a total of 15.4 pounds believe me stick to it you will feel like death but it is TOTALLY worth it, and i feel like new i wake up all refreshed ....keep going girl the few negatives will make up for a lot more positives in the long run !! :)
ps. drink lots of water i drink sparkling water as it seems to full me up more and I drink loads of green and peppermint tea...

best of luck hun and keep going strong !! x


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Thanks to everyone for your replies!! Just had my lunch time shake (choccy) and am drinking tons of water. I hope it does get better. You're all doing so well :)

I've found that adding a little more water than 240 to the mix so it's more like 300 is filling me up more than before and lasting longer.

I drink loads of redbush tea too, it's really nice without milk! Haven't tried Peppermint yet but will give that a go.

Will post updates from my weigh in on Wednesday! I hope it will be worth all of this. A few of my friends think i'm absolutely nuts to do Lipotrim and keep telling me to just eat healthy and excercise lots but for me I feel like Lipotrim is the right option at this moment in time. I've had a few negative comments from people about it and housemates that are cooking Bacon all the time to wind me up!!! Luckily my partner is very supportive and he is eating his food in different rooms from me!


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missmoc is right some so call friends of mind keep trying to get me 2 eat something to day , saying just eat healthy and the weight will drop off. wanted to smack them so much lol.


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It will get better as everyone says ,. On Thursday I will have been on LT for exactly 6 months - believe me you get used to it!!


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It does pass hun!!! Hang on in there!! x