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feeling v emotional

went to my first meeting tonight, starting tomorrow, im behind 1 week which is a bit annoying but im glad i can start, feeling v :wave_cry: i suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and i just feel crappy, it all boils down to feeling a failure for the last 5 years or so and this is one of the many things i have failed my weight, and panicing i will fail this, anyways i dont want to bore people with my issues just hoping writing it down will help to make me feel better, id b intrested if anyone suffers from anxiety and how they deal with it and if it affects them on LL, i do CBT for my mine so i have a little insight in CBT for LL. ill stop waffleing on now
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I can't help you with the anxiety i'm afraid, all i can do is offer sympathy and try to understand - but i will say this, i went to my first meeting last night and started today - and on the run up to starting i've been dead excited but i felt so daunted yesterday! So it's frightening for us all in a way! best of luck x
Sometimes I think the confrontation of starting these things can be an emotional rollercoaster and take the lid off the emotions you have bottled up for so long. You need to congratulate yourself for attending the meeting tonight and allowing yourself to make the first step to acheive your goals. As the weeks progress and you look further into yourself, I'm sure you will find many answers leading you to the confident, less anxious person you want to be x


ditto what Kaalin has said [very well put]
Let your emotions out at the counselling - there will be lots of tears from different people at different times as topics ring true for you.
the best thing is discovering who you are and getting to the route of your obesity x
Nobody fails - we are individuals undertaking a personal journey - never feel like a failure!
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I couldn't agree more. I think we all have our demons and have carried them for a long time. This is going to be a radical change in all of our lives, and we'll all probably feel like different people both physically and emotionally. We need to express this somehow - and it's probably easier to express it to people we don't know very well than to our loved ones and OHs who may not be quite as supportive.

I've been up and down like a yo-yo over the past 2 weeks. I feel like crying most days. I don't have the anxiety but I do have anger and general narkiness. My OH isn't the best at supporting me, I don't think that he understands that I don't want him to DO anything.....just listen to me and stop eating sausage bloody sandwiches while I'm preparing a lovely LL soup :mad: !!

Listen to me going into a rant!

It's hard for people to understand that you're not being obsessive (I've been accused of that) and you won't starve yourself to death. I'm being to think that it may be better to just not tell anyone what's happening. They'll see that I haven't died of malnutrition soon enough.

My theory is if you're not going to be supportive then don't say anything at all! :eek:

Sorry I've gone on a bit - it's good to know that other people are as emotionally affected as I am at the moment! :D

hi hippy i too suffer with anxiety and am on anti d for it. i am now in week 4 and have struggled with feeling sick on day 2 and 3. feeling sick seems to trigger my anxiety so it has been tough. i've found that if i dont drink enough water i feel rough in the morning, luckily though i feel too rough to want to eat so it made it easier to continue.
dont be so hard on yourself we all have good days and bad days.
i am seeing my councillor on my own as i cant make evening meetings so i'm really missing the group benefits but its the only way i can do it. don't worry about being a week behind it will mean nothing in a couple of weeks and at least you can see how its been for everyone else.
thank you for ur reply it mean a lot that someone else understands and is going thou same , i hoped my anxiety wouldnt get in the way but i feel it is, ive been feeling sick today (day 2) and dont know if its my anxiety or the programe or period pains
i know what you mean, i was with a good friend when i was feeling rough and she said when you are struggling just see if you can last a bit longer than you think you can, this really helped me. its not your anxiety its the withdrawls i felt like i had a hangover for 2 days, just ring in sick if you work and take it easy, it will pass. keep drinking plenty of water but not too much, my cc said this can make you sick too.
i also had my period the first week so that probably doesn't help.
try and finish the first week and reasses how you are feeling.

with regards to the anxiety i've found that not being afraid of it helps me a great deal. i get mine first thing in the morning and try and just get on with keeping busy and even tho i'm afraid i'm going to pass out etc, i've now decided that if that happens it happens. this seems to be working for me. i'm a mobile hairdresser so i worry that i'm going to get halfway through someones hair and collapse, its not happened yet.

ps lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and just bought some trousers in a size 18 which i havent been for over 4 years...feel fine wouldn't say i'm full of energy like some are but feel well and no hunger at all.
11th Sept. Day 10 and lost 11lb, feeling v.tired late night followed by an early start has wooped me completely,spent last Friday in the bath sobbing and i think i needed a good cry caus now feeling much better in mood. Had a pop-in tonight and lost 4lb since Monday so thats deffinately helped.:)


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