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Fell off the wagon... again


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So after last weekend's BBQ blow out. I did it again this weekend. Including eating cake and a big fat ice cream.


The scales have stayed the same so I've not lost anything since the last weigh in and the next one is Thursday. Opps.

I am disappointed in myself.

And to make it worse, I have one final BBQ this weekend as I have loads of family coming over. Give me strength not to eat!
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Rather than planning to 'try and not eat' plan to eat a little...

If you plan to eat a little, then you will probably only eat that 'little bit' but if you plan to eat nothing and succumb... you will end up eating a whole lot more than that:eek:

It's the 'I've blown it now, I might as well have everything attitude'

Think about what you want and what's realistic for you, then make a decision based on your own self knowledge!


WILL be Slim!
have you thought about WHY you felt the need to eat? and not just eat "good" food but also the ice cream etc?

You have such a huge motivation hun that it can only come with a lot of pressure on your shoulders....but you need to rise above it!
When people come round, tell them oh so proudly how much weight you have lost and let the compliements feed you hun! lol

This isnt a battle of hunger, its a battle of the mind! do you let your devil (self-sabbotage) win, or the angel who is trying to keep your eye on the prize?

Its ok making these mistakes hun as long as they are turned into lessons to be learned from....so take from this what you can so next weekend, your not repeating history!

onwards and upwards xxxx


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I don't get compliments Lizz, I look no different. It is going to take a lot more of a loss before anyone sees it.

I moved house four months ago to an area where I know no one and my best friends came to visit for the first time... and so it was game over. I did have a lovely time with them eating icecream on the beach and having a bbq in the garden, but I know I shouldn't have done it.

I am absolutely fine on CD and stick to it 100% when I have no social events to go to, but the last two weekends I've found impossible. Thank God after next weekend there is nothing to attend until Christmas.


WILL be Slim!
why not incorportate some clothes related targets into your journey hun? Getting in that size down is such a super feeling that i focus more on that sometimes than i do the scales!
The week i put 1lb on even though i'd been 100% was the week i managed size 12 skinny jeans and i beamed my way through the weekend! Might give you something more measurable to aim for!

And shame on you for thinking no one gives you compliments!!! You have lost nearly 3 stone....you should be congratulating yourself....but if your in doubt, i think thats an amazing loss hun and you should be VERY proud of yourself! Just enjoy being the hostess with the mostess! I dont even sit down to eat with others now, i hurry round the house making sure they are all happy....drinks, cultery, washing up, cleaning, etc! Keeps my focus off eating and only hostessing! I SOOOO need to go on Come Dine with Me! lol



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I have a "get into size 20 jeans" goal in my list :) I tried them on at the weekend and they now go over my bum, which they didn't before, but they are a long way from being done up!

I don't intend to give up or anything. CD/LL are the only ways I've ever managed to lose a significant amount of weight so I can't stop. I have lose enough for fertility treatment. It's just so frustrating to think if I'd not eaten last weekend or the one before I might be five pounds lighter!


WILL be Slim!
my previous CDC (i did CD last year for about a week) who is majorly disliked...tried to stop the picking/cheating etc by saying that even if you had lost weight, you will have gained becuase rather than losing 5lbs, you've only lost 2lbs so therefore gained 3lbs! Does that make sense?
I gave it up as she was VILE and i really didnt get on with her manner....or becuase i just wasnt ready...cant lay all the balme at her door really!
But i liked her logic in this instance no matter how confusing, its something i tell my DH when he contratulates himself at losing weight even though he's cheated (he;s not doing CD)....evil wife that i am! lol

I have no doubt you will stay on it hun, keep those jeans somewhere you can see them all the time...maybe that will help?



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Aww Guru, i don't have any advice but i just wanted to say good luck with getting back on the wagon and good luck for the next weekend.

I think Ali's advice to eat something, a planed amount of okay foods should help you to stay away from the not so good foods.

But after all we are all human and you sound like you had a great weekend. Look at the positives that at least you didn't gain and you sound determined to lose and have the bestest reason to lose so it will all come off i'm sure.
Hi Guru,

If it makes you feel any better, I had a weekend of last weekend gone and I ate what I liked including lots of carbs. I still lost 3lb cos i went straight back on it as i am sure you will/have. It was naughty but so very nice.

This weekdend I have a few social things and I intend to have 2 days off again to enjoy life and eat, but i WILL TRY NOT TO GO TOO MAD!!

You got to live honey!

As long as you can get straight back into it then i don;t see it as a huge problem!!

After this weekend I have no further plans to party untill October and so that leaves plenty of time to be strict!

You'll be fine and you will reach goal eventually as planned!!



Happiness in a shake!
Aw Guru, don't beat yourself up, its in the past now, you did it, nothing can change that, you haven't killed anyone, and its not the end of the world, the more you beat yourself up, the more you will be inclined to reach for the food again.
You have a huge task ahead, and have done a superb job thus far, its so difficult when you know you HAVE to loose the weight, as everything you every wanted hangs in the balance, that is an incredible amount of pressure, especially when its someone else telling you to loose the weight (well thats how I feel about the fertility journey!)
You have an incredible amount of strength and will power to get this far, please focus on that xxxx
Hi Guru

Sorry to hear that you are feeling disappointed in yourself... like someone said earlier, maybe it would have been better to plan what you were going to eat... instead of not thinking about it and just eating.

Look, we are only human and it's not the end of the world. It sounds as if you had a lovely weekend with all your friends - just think about that and forget about the guilt about the food.

I had to eat on Saturday night - it was either that or go on a murder rampage around the streets. I ended up having chicken tikka (a starter course - just the meat - not the one with the sauce), three spoons of keema rice, and one and a half poppadums... and my salad that I prepared earlier!! And you know what, I enjoyed every last bite, and I didn't feel one bit guilty.

On this diet, i haven't come across the guilt thing as i would normally have encountered on WW, RC and SW... I ate something, enjoyed it, i've moved on!! I think because we are so so strict with ourselves the majority of the time, I think a little "blip" or a planned day, evening, weekend off plan isn't really that horrendous.

And on Sunday, I went to a Christening - and at the buffet (arrrghhh!) afterwards, I filled my plate with salad and three (tiny) new potatoes and was more than satisfied. I didn't fancy all the beige looking food to be honest... lol (Now that must have been a first!)

You'll be fine Guru. Put it behind you, and keep on drinking that water!



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I think you might be right LV. Last weekend I PLANNED to eat and felt fine about it. This weekend I decided that my 2lb loss last week was not enough and so decided not to eat.... then did anyway so now feel bad about it.

Fingers crossed for at least a pound to come off by Thursday.
I think it's probably not having control over what you ended up eating. If it was planned, like your BBQ the week before, that's fine. It's when it comes over you and you've just got to eat that it all goes slightly pear shaped.

And, I've just said this to my best friend (who is doing brilliantly on LL), that we can't use that old chestnut of not having any self control or willpower, because on these plans, we have it in bucketloads!

You are doing so well, put it behind you. And it was the last Bank Holiday until Christmas, so we are entitled to a little treat to get us through the long hard winter... oh, and wet autumn...!

Hi Guru

Another post to wish you good luck. I had a day of struggling, luckily I was with my best mate and she wouldn't let me cheat. This diet can be tough. You have done very well to lose almost 3 stone, so really I am trying to achieve your success on CD.
I look forward to seeing your continued progress, all the best! x

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