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Fibre clear (and other not nice info!! maybe TMI)

How does everyone take their fibre clear? Can you taste it in water? If so, can i take it in my shake?

This diet is doing my head in regarding my bowels!! I was going perfectly regularly for the first few weeks, then i got diarrhoea.. And now I am bleeding from my back passage cos i can't go!!!!

I have taken senakot, and have just bought some fibre clear but don't want to upset my water intake if it affects the taste.
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Hiya, i take fibre clear in my shakes apparently u cant taste it in ur water but i havent tried it! i take a spoonful in every shake to try and keep me regular however i have had to take senokot on a few occasions!! so keep them handy!!! Its horrible when u feel backed up especially for weigh ins as i dont feel im getting a true reading when weighed!!! Good luck love, i feel ur pain x
I use fibreclear in water for 1 glass a day and cannot taste it. I stir in 1 teaspoon full in 1 glass and then wait a minute or two for it to clear and it tastes just like tap water to me.

PS remember Fibreclear is just fibre not a laxative, so if you cannot go at the moment it well not help ( it out ). Oh dear to much detail sorry....
I put two spoonfulls in one litre of water out the fridge
shake it Up, can't taste it x
Hi Su
I had the same problem as you with the bleeding. I now put a heaped teasonpful of fibre clear in 2 shakes per day, you can't taste it and it has the added bonus of making it more filling. I don't use any the day before weigh in (another trick he he he). But it took me 3 or 4 days of use like this before I was finally sorted. Now I don't have a problem. I did try it in the water but it tasted odd, it's hard enough to drink water anyway, but this I found really hard. In the shakes works best for me. Good luck with it.
I too am quite badly... does senokot help though coz i really need to go. Am feeling quite uncomfortable


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Su, take it hun. It is totally tasteless. I add a spoonful each day to anything - shake, coffee, water, whatever :) 2 spoonfuls is too much for me, but one does the trick. You'll find your balance with it ;)

Thank you all so so much for your advice... I will try one spoonful a day, and if it is not better will take one twice a day..

Diva.. Senakot helps you go, but it doesn't soften it so it can feel like you are trying to pass a golf ball full of glass (tmi!! lol)

The replies to my post say an awful lot about this forum... Where else could you explain some of your most intimate problems/secrets, and total strangers are prepared and ready to help you... You are all fantastic... I will think of you fondly when the fibre clear works!!! lmaoooooooooooooo x x x x
lol :D:D:D


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Errr yeah, cheers Sue! lmao xx
Well Su. My poo issues are no secret are they lol. I now have fibreclear in my shake I only have it once a day. but I now go at least every other day. I have to say it still quite hard but easier to pass than it was (is that tmi) sorry :D
Hi Su
I put two teasp in my morning shake each day which seems to be helping with my bowels! lol I can't taste it.
Emma x

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