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Fibre suggestions to get things moving!!


Fighting the bulge
Ive not been losing as much as i deserve to loose at group as ive been sticking to plan 100%. Im convinced its because i do 'go' as often as i should but i cant find a way to get things moving, I already drink at least 2 litres of water a day! This week im having my 2 HEX B's as high in fibre as poss. Im on red days as usual so has anyone got any suggestions for speeding things up a bit :)

I have had 2 weetabix for breakfast and am going to buy some ryvita?
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Fighting the bulge
Dried apricots work for me! Or you could buy some prune juice and syn it.

I heard prune juice was good 142ml is 4 syns. How much do you think i'll need? Haha.

Are dried apricots free?


Never gets tired of SW!
No dried apricots are synned-2 dried are 1.5 or 28g is 2.5, but you can have 71g of the ready to eat ones (which are semi-dried) , or 142g dried and stewed (don't know why it's essential to stew them!) as a HEXb
How about activia yogurts the fat free ones are syn free and they really do keep things moving but you need to eat them regularly


+1 on the Activia fat free probiotic yoghurts.

I've been having about 2 per day, and there's no problem (and when I was on the plan last time, I DID have a problem ;)).


Fighting the bulge
sassie / minn82 - They only sell scan bran in groups dont they? I've avoided buying it to be honest as ive heard they're not very nice, thank you for the suggestion though!

Oscarsmummy - I LOVE beetroot!! Thats a good one i will try and eat more of!!! Its free aswell so i'll add it to my salads :) ive heard its nice roasted aswell

Derbynanny / Scanbran - I'll try activia too. Ive been eating lots of muller lights as they were 5 for £1 at tesco but the offer changed to 4 for £2 so ive stopped getting them :( are activia expensive?

Thank you this is all really helpful!! It seems the more veges im eating the more blocked up i am!! :rolleyes:


Fighting the bulge
Danone Activia Fat Free Yogurts, all varieties 100g

0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green Free

Asterisked products: If any product displays a * alongside, it is Free Food

when all the visible fat and skin is removed.

I just looked it up!! :)

Thank you this is all really helpful!! It seems the more veges im eating the more blocked up i am!! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Omg im doing red this week and i had hardly gone and i got wi tomoz :cry:, but tbh i rarely go anyways but have for past 2 weeks just not this week :sigh:


Fighting the bulge
Im the same as you - i rarely go! My OH cant understand it I go twice a week maximum - and thats with 2 litres of water!

I had my WI last night and i was exactly the same i knew i felt bloated but also knew i was 110% this week. That's why im trying to pump up the fibre and hopefully have a really good one next week!!

Good luck at WI!!
looks like im :busted: lol

:woohoo: i does like a good poo thread and yeah its been up for bout a week lol!

love those smilies! toilet humor smilies how awesome!!


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