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Fibre Sure


Hi everyone

I was in tesco the other day and saw a trial pack for Fibre Sure and because I knew I didn't have enough money for the CD fibre stuff this week, I thought I'd go with this instead. But I just need to check it's ok - does anyone know? Any advice would be great - it was pay day yesterday so if it's a definite no go, I'll just buy the stuff from my CDC on Wed

Thanks x
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yes its perfectly fine, I used it for most of my CD journey without any problems. In fact my CD doesnt sell fiber89 and recommends this instead :)


I think Hedgehog was saying her CDC doesn't sell it - not all CDC's. I know mine does as she talked to me about it in the first week x
That is news to me that CD no longer sell Fibre89
My CDC doesnt sell it, or at least she doesnt push it, but it is still available.
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What do you do with fibresure - how much do you add to the shakes? Whereabouts in Tesco do they have it?
I normally added it to my water - I had 1 'stick' per day.
I would assume it would be with vitamins etc.

I have the psyllium husk capsules now though.
Yeh, the ones I have bought are in ready made sachets and I just added it to my 1litre bottle of water and shook it up. I think they do a jar and sticks/sachets. They were with all the vitamins and stuff - it took me a couple of mins to find them as they were on the bottom shelf, but if you start looking where the vit supplements are, you should be able to find them x


hates diets
who cares...!!!! i certainly dont i would imagine there are others out there who are having the sme problem but wont say anything....maybe a should start a thread....'100% non shi**ers forum'!!!!!!


please try again
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will join ur non s****ers club, lol
100% Sh*tters Club

Having ibs i do have a degree on going to the toilet, or not as my case generally is...

Normal for me is twice a month usually around TOTM, so what i have learnt to avoid a visit to the hospital, and to avoid the finger examination in the bowel, is this...

Bloated, uncomfortable, irritable. If you suffer from constipation, you can suffer from more than just a little discomfort.

1. Drink 2/3 glasses of hot water in the morning

2. Hot peppermint cordial

3. Herbal Laxatives ie, Senacot, or Senna, or Movicolon
*that do not hurt your stomach anymore than need to*

4. Exercise ie: squats

5. Prune juice *yak but it works*

6. Drink aloe vera juice to balance intestinal flora and to alleviate problem.

7. 1. Lie flat on the ground on your back. While inhaling, lift your left foot towards your chest very slowly.
2. Hold your foot to your chest with your hands for 10 seconds (hold your breath).
3. Slowly release the foot while exhaling.
4. Repeat steps 1-2 with the other foot.
You will keep passing gas while doing the above. Keep doing steps 1-4 until the pressure builds up.

8. For constipation to stay regular or to clean your system take glass of water and squeeze a half of a lemon or lime and half of a teaspoon of sugar and mix it then drink it before any breakfast or drink in the morning and you will see the results.

9. Drink a warm cup of coffee to help with constipation.

10. Peppermint is a laxative, so peppermint tea!

11. Mix one rounded teaspoon of vitamin C crystals with a glass of juice and drink right away. Guarantee it will work!

I know some of these will not help you, cos of the diet, and forbidden but some will be worthwhile for you!

We should add a post and call it this, and ask everyone on the site to add what makes them go...

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