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finally got under 16 stone woohooo =D. (pics included).

hey everyone i duno if you all knew but i had a crazy time getting under 16 stone... i hit a brick wall and nothing i could do could get me under it.. buttt now im

15 stone 10 + 1/4lbs wohoooo.. still a long way to go but im getting there for sure =D....and i still cant quite believe that in february i was 23 and half stone... =/

i feeeeeel good!!. lol.

put some pics up and theres a pic from agessss ago .. lol.. can you see the difference?
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yeah im getting there lol still kinda dazed by it if im honest.. i thought id be a failure like all the other times.. =D x
WOW Kiira, thats bloody amazing...your pics are fab, i wish i was you......
Wow of course I can see a difference. You look great :D

And quite a way under 16 stone too ;)
Fabulous! Big well dones!!! x


Go on smile! =)
Well done punkii you look great :D Keep up the good work x
thanks peoples :p

and @flabbybumbum i dont think you should wish to be me your fab as you are :p xx

hey red =] x


Go on smile! =)
Hey Gurl! lol how you been? Just got back from the gym and had my pasta :D
i been really good.... i bin gyming daily and being good as usual lol.. tryna drop another well just over 2 stone by xmas lol.. workin harddd :p x

how u finding the gym? x


Go on smile! =)
Hard work but been going over a week now :D
well thats the hardest part , keep it up .. its worth it in the end , even if just for the feeling great part , loosing weight is a added bonus =D ill never go back to my old ways im a full convert lol.. my neighbour was discussing me the other day and said "kiira is a total fitness freak" i was like wow lol.. id never be called that in the past x


Go on smile! =)
Well all my friends and family are proud of me, i'm not gonna let them down even more so myself x
you will be fine i can tell :) x


Staff member

Congratulations and well done you look fantastic!!!

Love Mini xxx
thanks everyone =D means a lot to hear these comments xxx


'this time i'll do it!'
that is so great to hear!!!!! your weight loss is fantastic and you are so single-minded in losing weight....
well done:D

sharon xx

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