Finding it very hard now..


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Yep, finding it very hard at the moment. And im only in my second week, I have my 2nd weigh in Monday.

Ive got one stone to lose until I get to my goal. I started this diet at 13.8, lost 10lbs. Hoping to lose 4lb this week to make is to 12.8.. I want to get to 11.8.

I ''think'' what I will do is stay on LT until I get in the 11's and then refeed for 2-3 weeks and hopefully Ill reach my goal that I should lose that on refeeding. Will then stay healthy the 'normal' way by excercising and healthy food.

Its funny, I am not craving anything junk food wise, I am craving healthy food!!! Fresh prawns, fish, steak, salad and corriander! lol


Louise :eek:
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staying with it is the best way - if you have a break and try to come back it is more difficult.

Week two nearly done - week 3 for a lot of people is a killer - so be prepared.

18lb to go... you'll be there in no time !! keep focussed. x


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You are doing well to get to week 2. Personally, stay with LT until you get to goal. You are saying exactly what I said last time and I never got to goal.

It will probably equate to one more week, maybe two; and seriously, it is worth it.
Refeed you can either put on or loss. I put on the first week, and lost the second week...was fine with "healthy" food for a few weeks and then it went a bit belly up after that as you slacken off.

Get to goal, and then, like you say, start to eat healthily, but if you get to goal, then you will feel as though you have achieved what you set out to do!

Like Caren said, 3rd week can sometimes be hard because the novely has kinda worn off and he high weight losses arent so high as they were the first 2 weeks, but stay with it! It will reward you in the end!!!


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I agree with the girlies! Stick with it!

Also.. im just coming to the end of week 2 and i have had an awful week where i found it really hard to keep on track.. but i didnt eat and im feeling soooooo much better now!!

Stick with it!!!


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Hang in there the results will be worth it xx


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I agree with the others, keep on it if you can. It'll be worth it in the end.
I'm in my second week too but my weigh ins are on Wednesdays.


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I agree, stay with it, I was on this diet two years ago, I lapsed after 3 weeks and never started again, yes its strict, but the results will be worth it, just think come Easter, you'll be all slinky!



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Here here stick with it, you have so little to lose you will be glad you did.


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I hope your week gets better, take it day by day. This diet makes you change from one day to the next sometimes,stick with it if you feel upto it xx


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Can only echo what everyone else has said.... I came off when I kept being told I looked great.... However i didnt feel great as I wasnt at MY goal. This time I hope to get to goal and then refeed for a couple of weeks.... Maybe I'll lose a little bit more!!


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hi guys,

Thanks soooo much for all the kind words and inspiration!!! I AM going to stick with it, as I dont have that much to go...

Plus I have been invited to a wedding (20th March) so I am determined to get to my goal for then!!!


Thanks again,