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Fireheart2011 diary

Well todays the day to takle my weight which has crept upto 16st :(
Just giving the kids there cereal then going to have a Vanilla shake i think and some water.
Then off to the shops and then the afternoon in the local spash park with the kids.
How do you manage to make shakes when out and about is it even possible?
Look forwards to sharing my journey with you
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Just had to sit in the cafe while my partner and kids ate burger and chips! And i fed my 1 year old scrambled egg and i sat and drank a banana shake and water. It was hard to resist as it was in front of me but i did :D now we are off to the splash park for some afternoon of family fun :)
Ahh nightmare! I'd find it really difficult if I had children! I started last Monday and lost a stone in the first week! Which is mega! So keep up the good work! First 3 days are the toughest, after that it's not exactly a scream but the hunger part becomes much easier! I have my first shake at around 12 everyday and then the other follow around 4 & 7! Find a way that suits you best and stick at it! Enjoy the park, steer clear of the ice cream van! lol x
Luckily i dont eat ice cream so im not tempted but the kids r eating again! And now im starting to feel hungry. So drinking lots of water cant wait for my soup for dinner just hope it dont taste too minging lol the banana taste keeps coming bk yucky :( but im not tempted yet :D
I want to lose weight so bad i hope this is enough to keep me going x
Iv just made my soup... Spicy tomato and its horrible :'( how am i meant to drink this lol.
My partner and kids are eating soup and toast and it looks so nice.
Its only my first day and although im not tempted to cheat i just feel so down now :(
Sorry to moan
Hi Fireheart, I tried the Potatoe and Leek yesterday and it was awful, left a paste like sensation in my mouth after I was done. Had Veg soup today and it was really nice. Guess it is all trial and error to see what we like. I love the Bannana and the fruits of forest shakes but no so keen on the chocolate one.

Don't be down, it will all be worth it, when is your first weigh in? I reckon after seeing the results of that it will make it so much easier!!

Stay Strong xxx
Weigh in is on monday. Seems so long away. But looking forwards to seeing some good results :D
My partner seems to be eating loooads today! Making it feel hardee but im almost through day one :D x


Bouncy Castle
Oh fireheart you're doing so well! Being active with the kids must be making you extra hungry, and then watching them eat - so hard.

I started yesterday, and it is hard - but worth it. So worth it. And knowing that it gets easier must help?

Funnily enough I quite liked the tomato. Going for leek and potato tonight. :)
I feel so rough :( Really dizzy and disorientated cant shake the feeling iv been drinking loads of water too i wonder if this is normal as i wasnt aware of it.
I still have 1 of my 4 shakes to hv my partner is going to mk me a hot choco mint one in a min. Then il prob go sleep. Whats day 2 like?? I just feel like i want to lay down
Day two is a little like day one, except because you know you got through day 1 it makes it easier to get through day 2. I have not felt too hungry today (day 2) but my cravings have been tough to deal with. As for dizzyness, I went to the post office and after standing in the queue for 5 min I had to lean on the wall as went dizzy, but only lasted a short while and then back to normal.

I think you have done really well today with so much temptation there for you, so don't give in, I am sure it will get easier. (as I type this my stomach is rumbling away, like having a full on party going) LOL:party0023:

Keep up the great work!! xx:greenapple:

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