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First 10k run?


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I'm thinking about doing a 10k race to fundraise for The Blue Cross. Maybe in May. But haven't really done any running for a long time. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week and did some running on monday. I actually liked it! :eek: lol

Does anyone think it would be possible for me to be able to get fit enough for a race by either 15th or 30th may? Lol just not sure I can, and wanna make sure before I sign up for one lol. It's probably just a confidence thing... :eek:
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Yea defiantly!! Look up the bridge to 10k programme.

If you can run for 30mins at the moment you will be fine to jump straight in with the 10k programme :)
Hi Gizmo

you should have no problem at all getting in prime shape for a 10k in May. there are some really good websites that can give you a training programme to base your regime on as well. My favourite is the running bug but there are loads of there.

I adore running but have shin splints at the mo, so cant do high impact exercise for at least a month. YAWN..... so frustrating when you've finally got the fitness bug! But doing power plates, yoga and power walking instead.

So in short -Go For It!!

Let us know how you progress wont you



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Thanks. I may go for it. Just got noone to go there with me, which is the only thing putting me off atm I guess.

I tried running more at the gym yesterday. Doing my 1k that I do on the treadmill as part of the routine in intervals of 2mins running, 1 mins walking. Then managed 4 mins running after that. Was fine with it, just feel wierd running on the treadmill. I might try running outside :eek: Lol, don't feel confident enough really to run out there, but I might be able to run better.


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Running outside is the best!!

It's so motivating when your running past other runners and they smile & wave at you.

You've also got lovely fresh air - can't beat it :)

Can't stress enough though to make sure you have yourselves a decent pair of runners!! X
Id agree - outside is so much better. You get natural ups and downs on your route and feel so much better for having spent time outside rather than in an air-con gym. Also - you keep moving so soon pass everyone, hence nobody can stare LOL.

defo agree re: shoes. go to a running shop if you can so they can assess how you run and advise on pump accordingly.

ohhhh, missing the running :- (


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you'll be able to get fit in time yes, but do get some trianing in for it! i did a 5k run in october, but with not being a runner i started with 1 1/2 miles, but it was a watse in the end as my back was that bad i couldnt run anyway! (cobbles, and your back colliding are sooo painful)

as others have said, comfy trainers! comfy clothing too, nothing that will restrict you in anyway
good luck for this gizmo!


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Thanks everyone :). Don't think I'll be doing the race, due to the cost of getting there and everything :sigh: Maybe next year! lol The race in yorkshire is when I will be trekking in Borneo, which is useless! lol

I've been looking for 5k races around here but can't find any. Only the race for life, but i need to raise money for The Blue Cross lol. I'll try and organise my own race or something :p
Try the runners world website, they have a list of races held all over the country x

And I agree, running outside is better than the treadmill, though I like how the treadmill tells me exactly how far i've run and how many calories i've burned lol x

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