First Class


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Hello everyone
Well, I bit the bullet and went to a class. I was so worried lol I didn't know anyone in the area at all so it was particularly difficult but I needn't have worried it was brilliant! Lovely class and fantastic Consultant.

On the downside though I'm actually heavier than I weighed myself at :( by 3.5lbs so am staying off scales at home and just going to stick to once weekly weighins at class.

Started plan in earnest today, so far so good, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Hope everyone's having a great day!
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Congratulations!!! :D

You have made the best decision ever joining sw, so glad you have a good consultant too, it makes all the difference.
Keep signing in on the forum too, there is so much good advice and the best recipes.

Good luck :)


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I know I also felt nervous before getting the courage to go, but it was all worth it!
Welcome to the forum and good luck!


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Well done, I can understand you feeling apprehensive and am glad you were made to feel welcome - hopefully you'll get good support and make some new friends. I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out! - can't get to class because of work hours.

Chicky Noops

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Good luck!


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Well done all good decisions. Only thing to do now is loose (weight) and gain (new friends)


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Yay! Well done you xxx